Ioto Labs Membership Cards: Earning Opportunities for Everyone

The rise of Web3 over the past couple of years has led to the emergence of multiple organizations. With NFTs and decentralized finance, or DeFi, becoming household terms, retail and institutional interest is starting to rise in these products. Ioto Labs is one such innovative company, which is currently specializing in the creation of Web3 products such as blockchain games, collectible sports cards, and early-stage investments in NFT artists.
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Source: Ioto Labs

With a keen focus on nurturing emerging talents, Ioto Labs provides marketing and sales support on popular NFT platforms such as Opensea, LooksRare, and X2Y2 marketplaces.

The company operates on a revenue-sharing model, where a portion of the earnings is retained by them, another is allocated to the artists, and the remainder is distributed among investors.

At Ioto Labs, the investment approach revolves around identifying promising Web3 creators with unique artistic visions and innovative concepts. Recognizing their potential at an early stage, Ioto Labs offers financial support, guidance, and exposure to assist startups in succeeding in a competitive market.

Ioto Labs’ commitment to transparency and fairness is reflected in its pursuit of equitable profit distribution. By building an ecosystem that supports both artists and investors, they foster a thriving community where creativity flourishes and financial opportunities expand.

Earning Opportunities for Investors

The company offers 300 Ioto Labs membership cards, providing lifetime access to a portion of the company’s profits from the sale of Web3 products. These dividends are accrued every 24 hours and paid out instantly. Additionally, the cards grant owners early access to NFT collections and blockchain-based gaming products. The cryptocurrency used by cardholders to pay for the initial membership fee, promotes the advancement of young talents through the program and provides them with a share of the revenue from various product releases.

Ioto Labs adjusts the prices of membership cards and their daily income according to product demand. Furthermore, they offer the best conditions to those who acquire membership cards in advance. Each Ioto Labs membership card purchase comes with an indication of the estimated daily profit. Investors pay their contribution once, with no extra membership fees.

The cost of membership cards ranges from 0.1 ETH to 100 ETH. After the sale of the entire batch of cards, entry into the club will only be possible through the purchase of cards on the secondary market (cards on the secondary market will be available on platforms such as Opensea, LooksRare, and X2Y2). The primary sale is exclusively conducted on the Ioto Labs platform. For more detailed information about the benefits of owning an Ioto Labs membership card, please visit the official website.

Opportunities for Web3 Talents

If you are a developer or have a startup idea in the Web3 industry, Ioto Labs invites you to get in touch with them at [email protected].

Regardless of the current stage of your project or the complexity of your idea, Ioto Labs highly values a creative approach and determination. The team is passionate about exploring the possibilities of blockchain, decentralized applications, and new technologies present in the fintech industry. They actively encourage ideas that challenge the boundaries of what is achievable within the Web3 ecosystem.

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