iPhone 14 Officially Revealed by Apple


Apple has officially revealed the iPhone 14. The newest phone is set to release later this fall.

The iPhone 14 comes in four models: the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Plus. It is the first time we will see the iPhone Plus in an apple phone lineup.

New features include a larger lens for the rear camera on the iPhone 14 pro compared to the 13 Pro. The jump in size includes a jump from 12 to 48 megapixels. Additionally, each of the new iPhones includes upgraded battery life and screen size, as well as new features that help keep track of your safety.

  • iPhone 14- $899
  • iPhone 14 Pro- $999
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max- $1099
  • iPhone 14 Plus: $850
Apple Ceo TIM COOK

Preorders for both the iPhone and iPhone Plus will be available on Sep. 9. The iPhone 14 will be available to ship on Sep, 16, while the iPhone 14 Plus will be available on Oct. 7.

The preorders for the iPhone Pro and Pro Max are both available on Sep. 9 and will ship on Sep. 16.

Apple also introduced the new Apple Watch Series 8 as well as the new Apple Watch Ultra design. They both include an always-on display with narrow borders, swim-proof, and crack resistance, and a new 2-sensor design with temperature tracking. The Series 8 is available now to order for $249 and will be available to ship on Sep. 16.