Is Bitcoin Doubler Club a Scam?

Bitcoin doubler club

Bitcoin Doubler Club is another Bitcoin scam platform in the market. The Ponzi project lures investors into their site with too good to be true promises of returns on investment (ROI). The least amount of Bitcoin that they accept on their site is 0.003.

The alleged investment platform claims that they multiply twice the Bitcoin of their clients within 24 hours. The platform invites all forms of traders, be it newbies or expert traders, to try them.

Their services are supposedly free, which creates doubt. This questionable company declares that those who invest in their business will encounter no loss as they have BTC mining machines that are perfect and give the best.

Wistfully, every investor who understands how crypto works will tell you that these claims are untrue.

Digital currency associates itself with risk, and getting losses is a part of the business. The company too has insufficient info on their platform. There is not sufficient proof on their website to verify their claims.

The Bitcoin Doubler Club claims to be a mining firm, but its location and servers are unknown. This company is unclear, and putting your money with them would be a rash decision.

What is Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the process by which new Bitcoins are entered into circulation; The blocks have SHA-256 encryption, which miners strive to work out. The first miner to answer gets the block reward. Currently, miners are earning approximately 6.25 BTC per block.

There are two ways of mining Bitcoin; that is, personal mining and through a cloud. Personal is when a single entity (person or organization) carries the whole expense of buying mining equipment and footing power charges concerning the operation. In many cases, governments and billion-dollar corporations like banks and private companies.

Cloud mining, on the other hand, is where small-scale miners combine their small computational powers to make one big pool. In most cases, these miners cannot bear the power charges and/or the mining equipment cost. So when a pool, finally, mines a block, the rewards distribution is given to the pool members according to the amount of contribution.

So Can You Earn From Bitcoin?

Yes! You can earn a lot of money with Bitcoin. There are several ways you can earn with bitcoin-like mining, buying and holding Bitcoins, etc. many businesses are now also accepting Bitcoins as payments for their goods and services.

You can also earn from Bitcoin by becoming an affiliate of social media platforms and Bitcoin companies. Your payment is done through Bitcoin for promoting their products and bringing traffic to their business.

Joining lending companies like Bitbond, BTCpo, and many others and offering lending services. The interest you earn is paid back to you in Bitcoins current value