Is Kishu Inu on PancakeSwap? Everything You Need to Know


PancakeSwap is popular for listing new tokens due to its cheaper fees and transaction costs. Therefore, is Kishu Inu on PancakeSwap? And what is Kishu Inu?

What is Kishu Inu?

Kishu Inu is among the dog category of coins. The coin was created earlier this year in April, following Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. The goal of the coin creation is to make a decentralized meme token with a use case, just like Shiba Inu. The only difference with Kishu Inu is that it introduces HODLers to new cryptocurrency concepts, such as NFTs, frictionless yields, and decentralized exchanges.

Is Kishu Inu on PancakeSwap?

OKEx is the most popular exchange used for trading the coin. More popular exchanges like PancakeSwap and Binance have no listing of the coin. Other exchanges are Uniswap, Therefore the Kishu Inu is not listed on PancakeSwap. However, we will further discuss what the coin is and more details because not many people know about it.

Trading Volume and Market Cap

The market price of the coin sits at $0.000000007535 with a 24hour trading volume of $125,345,106. The coin has a total supply of 100 quadrillion coins; however, no coins are circulating in supply yet.

Within the first month of its launch, KISHU made history by surpassing a $2 billion market cap and over 100,000 holders. This was an unprecedented milestone for a project of its kind and proved the world’s belief in the project.

Below Is a List of Products Involving Kishu Inu

1. Kishu Inu token

KISHU is the ERC20 token representation of the coin. The token has a 2% redistribution on every transaction. Therefore, existing holders consistently earn free $KISHU.


The coin has a DEX that allows for trading the ERC20 token. The DEX has a custom function that allows holders to trade KISHU for any other ERC20 token, such an open-minded decision.


NFTs are a new cryptocurrency technology. Surprisingly, even Kishu Inu has an NFT marketplace, called the NFT Crate. This is the reason why the coin has had wholesome gains since its launch. Users in the crate can buy NFTs or stake Kishu Inu tokens to earn NFTs. Artists from all over the globe are involved in creating the NFT pieces and earn a percentage of the staking fees.


Paw print is a fancy name for Kishu Inu’s wallet tracker. Yes, you heard right, the coin has a wallet that users can track $KISHU earnings of passive income, balances, token prices, and more.


Any project with a merchandise store is an intelligent project and is worth getting into. The Kishu Swag merchandise store allows holders to purchase Kishu Inu merchandise. Merchandise helps promote and support the coin globally hence facilitating its growth.

Future of Kishu Inu

PancakeSwap might consider listing Kishu Inu, but users can use the available exchanges like OKEx, for now, to avoid missing out on profits. Again, the coin, just like Shiba Inu. has too many zeros to miss out on investment; do not say nobody informed you, buy and HODL!