Is MEXC Available in the US?

Joshua Ramos

In the current digital asset market, there is no shortage of cryptocurrency exchange options for investors. Indeed, the industry has had several prominent competitors emerge in recent years, with many abiding by regulations regarding a region-specific user base. One of the most popular is MEXC, which leads us to answer if the exchange is available in the United States.

MEXC has emerged as one of the most favored no-KYC crypto exchanges on the market. The exchange offers a host of spot and futures trading for those who do not wish to share their identity. With 0% maker or taker fees, no other exchanges that don’t require KYC can offer better opportunities than this one.

So, let’s delve a little deeper into MEXC, and answer if it is available in the United States.

What is MEXC?

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As previously stated, MEXC is a cryptocurrency exchange that excels in its offerings for users who do not want to share their IDs. MEXC doesn’t require users to sign up with an email, allowing you to join with your crypto wallet. Subsequently, allowing users to deposit, swap, or trade cryptocurrencies that can be withdrawn back into their wallets.

The exchange offers a 24-hour drawing limit that is set to 30 BTC for users who don’t fulfill KYC. Additionally, the exchange does not allow OTC trading or crypto purchases with fiat until KYC verification has been fulfilled. However, you can engage in spot and futures trading, high withdrawal limits, trading charts, and over 1,000 available cryptocurrencies all without sharing your Identity.

The exchange is based in Seychelles and holds an Estonian MTR License that allows services in a host of countries. Moreover, it has emphasized regulatory compliance throughout its history but places a focus on the ability of users to participate without adhering to strict KYC requirements. Even if such requirements unlock even more access on the platform.

Is MEXC available in the United States?

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First established in 2018, MEXC already has more than 10 million users globally. Indeed, that consumer base has expanded to a remarkable 170 countries and regions throughout the world. Subsequently, its commitment to expanding its reach has solidified its place as one of the best exchanges on the market.

Offering multiple language support, and localized content that allows every user to feel at home, MEXC provides a clear international appeal. However, the exchange does impose various restrictions due to regulatory requirements.

Currently, MECX is not available in North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Crimea, Mainland China, Indonesia, Singapore, Venezuela, Canada, and The United States. These restrictions are in place because of regulatory compliance concerns, international sanctions, or political and economic environmental risks.