Is Shiba Inu Planning a Partnership with Forever 21 Clothing Line?

Vinod Dsouza
Shiba Inu Forever 21
Source: Unsplash

Shiba Inu Valentine’s Day cryptic tweet suggests there could be a collaboration with Forever 21 clothing line, hint SHIB enthusiasts.

SHIB released a cryptic video on Valentine’s Day with the caption ”4 ever & ever be mine _ x Shiba.” The caption further read, ”Happy #Shibalentines Day legends.” The video clip repeats the “4 forever and always be mine” slogan along with the SHIB logo inside a heart.

Considering the video is 21 seconds long and the words ”forever” plastered all over the clip and caption, SHIB enthusiasts claim there could be a possible collaboration between Shiba Inu and Forever 21.

Shiba Inu sends cryptic tweets before an announcement and keep the community guessing with ideas of their own.

Many donned their ‘thinking hat’ and decoded the cryptic tweet suggesting various things under the sun. However, one user seems to have a believable explanation comparing the 21 seconds-long video along with the words ”Forever”, claiming it to be Forever 21.

A user claims that Forever 21 will release leopard print clothing in collaboration with Shiba Inu. ”Sh*t, I think this is the nail in the coffin – just found this in the video. Clearly cheetah clothing,” said the user.

”Okay guys, I think we solved it. Video is 21 secs long. Cheetah clothing is shown in video at 0:11 secs. Posts on Valentine’s to seem related but is a ruse the hashtag ‘ForeverAndEver’. Altogether this points to @Forever21 & @Shibtoken partnership,” he tweeted.

However, Forever 21 has not confirmed a collaboration with Shiba Inu. We’ll have to wait and watch for SHIB’s official tweet on what the video possibly means in the coming days.

Nonetheless, the tweet stirred up a storm on social media with SHIB enthusiasts tagging Forever 21 for confirmation.

Shiba Inu: Forever 21 & Champion Clothing Line

A Twitter user named SHIB_HEAD is on a mission to get sportswear brand Champion to launch Shiba Inu-themed apparel. Also, his tweets went viral in the SHIB-sphere and several other enthusiasts joined the bandwagon.

However, the Champion clothing line has not replied to the user nor given a confirmation about a collaboration with SHIB. Nonetheless, the creator is confident that Champion will sooner or later tie up with SHIB and release a limited-edition clothing line.

“I can almost guarantee if they did [create SHIB clothing], it would sell out on the first run. Just look at how fast the Shiboshis sold out,” he said to Gfinityesports.