Exclusive: Man Draws Shiba Inu on GPS Tracker After Cycling 9 Hours and 120 Kms in Paris

Vinod Dsouza
Shiba Inu GPS tracker drawing in Paris cyclist artist Runbrandt Art
Source: Twitter / Runbrandt Art

Shiba Inu saw itself on a GPS drawing, as an artist and cyclist hailing from Paris drew the SHIB logo on the GPS tracker. The artist studied the ‘GPS drawing’ techniques and chalked out a path to draw the Shiba Inu logo. He then cycled for 9 hours and 120 kilometers across Paris and drew the SHIB logo on the GPS tracker.

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The cyclist had previously completed a Bitcoin GPS drawing in January and chose to draw Shiba Inu this month. The artist and cyclist who goes by the name ‘Runbrandt Art’ on Twitter chose to remain anonymous for personal reasons.

Runbrandt Art has now made the Shiba Inu GPS drawing as an NFT and placed it for sale on OpenSea. The minimum bid to own the ‘Shiba in Paris’ NFT starts from 0.1 Ethereum. The GPS drawing NFT collections can be viewed and purchased here.

Speaking exclusively to Watcher Guru, the cyclist said, ”I love cycling and running in Paris since years. I discovered GPS drawing and it allows me to discover new routes. The creation of NFT allows me to make this invisible art accessible to everyone. I don’t have the financial resources to buy NFT but it allows me to participate in this wonderful adventure,” he said.

Runbrandt Art confirmed that he will soon do another GPS artwork but has not finalized the design and topic yet. However, he stated that drawing Dogecoin on the GPS tracker is on his mind but has not finalized the idea.

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”I don’t know yet what will be the next design. I think about the Dogecoin but I don’t want to be exclusively on crypto,” he said. He revealed that he’s happy to pursue his hobby of cycling and also make it an art simultaneously.

Shiba Inu Art, NFTs, GPS and More

The crypto-sphere is currently going hand-in-hand with art and NFTs, as several artists have joined the Shiba Inu ‘artwork’ bandwagon. Social media is filled with SHIB designs and artworks but Runbrandt Artist took it to real-lif by cycling the logo.

”I prefer to stay anonymous. I’m not looking for fame, I just want to share my hobbies,” he said to Watcher Guru.

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At press time, Shiba Inu was trading at $0.00003120 and is up +2.1% in the 24-hours day trade. The meme-token is up +45.3% since the last 14-trading days and is now ranked 14 in terms of market cap.