Jack Dorsey Tweets Moon as BTC Hits All-time High

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The Chief Executive Officer of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, sparked a frenzy with his recent mysterious tweet. Dorsey penned a tweet written “705742”. Resultantly, Crypto enthusiasts were left thinking hard about what that tweet meant.

Some Crypto enthusiasts came to the conclusion that Jack might be giving a hint of when BTC would exceed its record high.

Jack Dorsey Cryptic Tweets -What do They Mean?

As a follow-up, Jack Dorsey penned “off by 117” just a few minutes after BTC hit a record high (after mining hit 705859). On Wednesday, the price of Bitcoin hit a brand new record of $66,000.

The success Bitcoin is currently experiencing could be owed to the recently approved ETF that is trading on the NYSE. The Exchange Traded Fund seemingly adds to the number of investors looking to join the Bitcoin ship.

Bitcoin will considerably be the 5th strongest performing asset in the next three years. In addition this Crypto has an approximate market value of over five trillion USD. Importantly, Bitcoin has an annual growth rate of about 103 percent.

Therefore, this would mean that Bitcoin would exceed long-standing big brands such as Microsoft, Amazon & Google by more than one trillion US dollars.

Currently, Bitcoin is getting in and out of the ‘ten highest value assets’ list. Years later, though, the currency will expectedly solidify its space.

Jack Dorsey has been quite vocal about his love for Bitcoin and the dedication he plans to put into it. Dorsey also revealed that if BTC required his aid, he was very willing to ditch Square & Twitter for the blockchain.

Square Announced Plans to Create an Open-Source Hardware Wallet

Mid this year, Square announced its plans to create an open-source hardware wallet and services to allow BTC custody to go more mainstream.

In a recent tweet, Dorsey revealed, “Square is considering building a Bitcoin mining system based on custom silicon and open source for individuals and businesses worldwide. If we do this, we’d follow our hardware wallet model: build in the open in collaboration with the community. First some thoughts and questions.” 

This development follows Twitter’s recently launched tipping feature. The feature that allows fans of creatives on Twitter to pay them with Bitcoin. Notably, the feature, that the app called “Tips”, will allow influencers from all over the world to receive cash from anywhere on the globe.

Jack Dorsey founded Twitter in March 2006 together with Noah Glass, Evan Sema, Biz Stone. By Jul 7 2006, the team did the company’s launch. At the time, the platform had over one hundred million users who posted about three hundred million tweets per day.

Currently, this American Microblogging and social network has over three hundred and thirty million active users every day.

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