Jaylen Clark, A Forward For The UCLA Bruins, Has Released His Own Cryptocurrency $JROCK

Jaylen Clark

Jaylen Clark, a 200-pound basketball reserve, announced on Thursday the launch of his cryptocurrency. The Crypto called $JROCK is a collaborative effort between Jaylen and Rally.

Currently, the $JROCK currency is trading at $0.54. Additionally, Clark collaborated with Rally to make the coin.

Rally is a no-code tokenization platform that allows creators to launch their social tokens.

Social tokens allow the owners to buy and redeem goods or services. In addition, users can hold on to it for a while to gain access to future privileges.

$JROCK is Possible Thanks To NCAA

Rally’s vice president said that the collaboration is possible because of the NCAA’s new policies.

These recent guidelines by the National Collegiate Athletic Association allow understudy players to get pay from individual sources.

Although the UCLA Bruins men’s collegiate is just a substitute, he was the first to use this opportunity heading towards the Crypto direction.

The basketball player has thousands of followers on his Instagram and YouTube pages. To succeed, Clark claims that he will use his platform for marketing his baby, $JROCK.

Before this launch, the basketball player claimed that he was active in the Crypto market with his Robinhood account. So he feels that he is quite ready to start his own Crypto.

With his following, Jaylen believes he will educate his fans on Crypto and eventually connect with them. His followers will also get a chance to participate in various events and giveaways.

Jaylen is not the only celebrity to announce his Currency. Rapper Lil Yachty also launched his YACHTY currency late last year.

Many influential figures are heading the Crypto direction, with others like Kim Kardashian advertising questionable currencies.

Others include Logan Paul, who launched his Cryptozoo NFT, and YouTuber Mr. Beast, to mention a few.


The big question is, with the new rules by the NCAA, will more competitors join the cryptocurrency market?