Jim Cramer Says Market Already Decided Federal Reserve Will “Create a Recession No Matter What.”

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Jim Cramer CNBC Host
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Taking to Twitter, divisive economic expert, Jim Cramer, has stated his belief that the market has already decided the Federal Reserve will “tighten and create a recession no matter what.” Cramer has been an outspoken voice against the crypto community, adding to that perception with his recent comments on a crypto bank bailout.

Cramer has stated that on Twitter today that the market has “already digested Friday’s news,” in relation to a possible recession. Additionally, stating it already went negative. Moreover, the CNBC personality proclaimed he wouldn’t touch crypto “in a million years.”

Cramer on Market and Crypto

Jim Cramer has somehow been a consistent name in the world of economics. He has been the host of CNBC’s “Mad Money” since 2005 but has maintained a presence as a rather divisive persona in the financial sector.

Still, that divisiveness has not stopped him from speaking his mind. In a recent Tweet, Jim Cramer shared his belief that the market decided the Fed will “create a recession no matter what.” He was speaking on the market’s response to Friday’s news cycle.

Jim Cramer
Source – CNBC

Specifically, Cramer stated, “It does not take too long for this market to go negative. It’s already re-digested Friday’s news and decided that the fed will tighten and create a recession no matter what.”

These statements come after Cramer once again set cryptocurrencies in his crosshairs. A multi-billion dollar loan has helped one crypto-friendly bank stay solvent, with Cramer reportedly shocked in response. Stating his wish that “…people knew how dangerous this is all getting. NOT business as usual.”

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The loan was sought out by Silvergate Capital Corp. in the amount of $4.3 billion in order to aid them in recovering from the “crisis of confidence across the [crypto] ecosystem,” last year, according to MSN.com.

In response, Cramer said, “I would not touch crypto in a million years because I wouldn’t trust the deposit bank,” according to the report. Additionally, proclaimed, “if you have your money in [crypto], I’m not calling you an idiot; I’m just saying you have blind faith.”