Joe Biden’s Crypto Interest Lands Him on DC’s Bitcoin Roundtable

Sahana Kiran
Source – Coindesk

While the United States gears up for presidential elections, candidates have been embracing cryptocurrencies more than usual. Former President Donald Trump jumped onto the trend and Joe Biden, the current President of the U.S. was seen following suit. More recently, officials from Biden’s administration are said to attend a Bitcoin roundtable in Washington, D.C.

According to reports, Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna of California is in talks to host Biden’s administration. Billionaire Mark Cuban along with other lawmakers are also on the list. The roundtable discussion is scheduled to take place sometime in July. It should be noted that Rep. Khanna has taken a pro-crypto stance for a while now. He recently showed support for the FIT21 bill, which was recently passed in the House.

An email sent from Khanna’s office suggested that the main goal of this roundtable is to discuss how to “keep Bitcoin and blockchain innovation in the United States.” The Democratic Representative’s office further said,

“[The meeting is] the most significant meeting between policymakers and innovation leaders in blockchain to date.”

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Are Biden’s Bitcoin Goals Aligned With Trump’s?

Just last week, Donald Trump took to Truth Social and expressed his interest in Bitcoin mining. The former President insisted all of the remaining Bitcoin be mined in the U.S. Trump further noted that this was the only way to protect the country against central bank digital currencies [CBDCs] that are being developed by countries like China and Russia.

In addition, Trump also took a dig at Biden for his “hatred” towards Bitcoin. He recently said,

“To further secure America’s future and create opportunity for young people I will end Joe Biden’s war on crypto and we will ensure that the future of crypto and the future of Bitcoin will be made in America. We’re going to keep it right here and a lot of it is going to be done right here in Florida.”

But Biden’s latest penchant for the cryptocurrency industry could be changing the narrative. Young voters might be lured by the current President’s sudden pro-crypto stance.

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