Kadena to Double in Price & Reach $10? Analyst Predicts ‘Mass Adoption’ of KDA, Here’s Why

Vinod Dsouza
kadena coin kda kaddex
Source: Pixabay

Ethereum killer Kadena (KDA) is all set to launch a series of developments that can help its price to propel to new heights, revealed the founder of Coinesper. Kadena is currently trading at its 6-months low of $5 and might get a boost in the indices, as it would soon move to its own layer-1 blockchain Kaddex.

Coinesper stated that Kaddex could change the fortunes of KDA and the coin might “witness a mass adoption”. The analyst is confident that Kaddex will bring in new investors into KDA as the development is completely gas-free. Kaddex announced it would allow users to transact on its blockchain with zero gas fees, forever.

Kaddex uses chain architecture that can scale horizontally and increase the number of chains. Therefore, increasing the number of available blocks with high liquidity providers (LPs) rewards when a swap is confirmed.

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Kaddex claims that a user is charged a mere 0.3% trading fee, of which 100% goes to LPs. The upcoming blockchain also confirmed that they’re doing away with network congestions and ensuring quick and safe settlements for users.

“Projects that are being built, developed, and launched on #Kadena right now are truly mind-blowing. The coming years will witness a mass adoption of Kadena as the go-to Layer 1,” tweeted Coinesper. He continued, “Kaddex, a gas-free #DEX packed full of unique features, is leading the evolution of #DeFi on Kadena. Zero Gas, Forever. Due to KDA ‘s chain architecture, Kaddex can scale horizontally, increasing the number of chains.”

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Can Kadena Scale up in Price Through Kaddex?

Kaddex, a gas-free DEX on the Kadena blockchain had a public pre-launch sale on Tokensoft in February this year. It also introduced its utility token KDX with a supply of 50 million tokens. However, the launch of the new blockchain and the utility token is still not deployed and has not gone live yet.

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While things sound as smooth as day on papers, only the release of Kaddex will shed light on which direction Kadena will go. Kadena has been battered in the indices this year as the coin is only slipping as each day pass. It’s already down -32.9% over the last 30-trading days and is down -7% today.

However, analysts claim that KDA might have bottomed out and the release of Kaddex will bring it better fortunes. Moreover, KDA should be considered a long-term investment, and its ROI might pay off in the long run.

At press time, Kadena was trading at $5.10 and is down -7.5% in the 24-hours day trade.