KDOE Is Bringing Blockchain Gaming to New Heights in 2023

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Kudoe

2021 was a vital year of innovation in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. While most digital assets welcomed parabolic price growth, other parts of the industry such as DeFi, and NFTs became household names. Another sector that evolved in terms of popularity is blockchain gaming.

Unfortunately, 2022 was a massive setback from an expansion perspective. In an increasingly deep ‘crypto winter’, NFTs became irrelevant and trading volumes reached new-low. However, blockchain gaming has continued to weather the storm, and according to a recent analysis, the blockchain gaming market valuation is expected to increase from $4.6 billion in 2022 to $65.7 billion in 2027 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate(CAGR) of 70%. Now, keeping in line with that demand, Kudoe is planning to bring 2021’s level of excitement and engagement in the blockchain gaming sector to 2023.

What is Kudoe?

Kudoe is a technology company working with blockchain that will be based on the Ethereum network and it is going to utilize Web3 technology to re-invent an immersive and engaging gaming-based decentralized ecosystem. With the help of blockchain, the company is eager to outline transparency and entertainment side by side. Users will able to enjoy a pure gaming experience while being able to attain ownership of their digital assets. The organization will be bringing a collective of all the successful ventures of 2021 i.e NFTs, gaming, and the unique identity of a metaverse under the same umbrella.

Kudoe is registered in the United Arab Emirates as an official organization. The UAE’s highly supportive and business-friendly environment will be key for Kudoe, to explore strategies and inculcate organic growth for the company. With the independence of decentralized governance, users in the Kudoe ecosystem will be playing an important role in the growth of the company as well in the world of blockchain gaming.

The KDOE token launch took place on 18th January 2023, and the KDOE token is available on the Uniswap exchange. Uniswap Liquidity injection for ETH/KDOE pool was also carried out, with token airdrops taking place for all the holders till January 18th. Moreover, KDOE is also available on centralized exchanges such as Poloniex, MEXC, Gate, LBank, and HotBit.

KDOE Token and Tokenomics

The central piece of the project, the KDOE token will be an important part of the blockchain. The token is an ERC-20 utility asset that will be used as a base currency for transactions in various games and decentralized applications. It will also be used for the governance protocol(DAO). As the KDOE token is versatile, the main objective is to integrate both crypto assets and NFTs by using KDOE and its Doge of Elon NFT collection. The whitepaper mentioned,

“This allows us to create a connected ecosystem that leverages the strengths of both types of digital assets, providing a more robust and engaging experience for our token holders.”

The KDOE tokenomics is unique and it varies between NFT holders and Non-NFT holders in the ecosystem. There is a DEX transaction fee on all buy and sell transactions processed through the DeFi exchanges i.e Uniswap. The tax distribution between NFT holders and non-holders is illustrated in the table below.

Source: Kudoe

Additionally, token allocation is also explained which is dispersed in the following categories:

i) Airdrop: 17%
ii) Staking: 15%
ii) Gaming: 14%
iv) CEX/Liquidity: 29%
v) Development: 10%
vi) Marketing: 10%
vii) Team: 5%

Cross-Chain and Expansion

One of the key objectives of the KDOE project remains to implement consistent community growth. The idea of limitation is not on the books and after launching on the Ethereum network, the protocol is planning on integration with other layer-1 blockchains.

According to KDOE, the project is planning to launch with Binance Smart Chain next, as it will allow increased scalability and performance, leading to better adoption and evolution of the ecosystem. Allowing cross-chain bridges will be essential as it will allow easier token swaps between multiple blockchains. Consequently, the treasury reserves will be providing liquidity in order to maintain the efficiency of such bridges.

Kudoe Gaming and Products

The primary focus of the company is to develop decentralized gaming, which will allow users to enjoy an engaging experience with the added financial benefit. With independent ownership of NFTs, Kudoe wants to develop a blockchain that is a unique mechanism and will prompt exclusivity and participation, adding real-time value for these players. With that being said, here are a few of the games that are currently in works and projects which will elevate the functionality of the blockchain.

  1. DOE Rangers:
    It is a retro-style game that includes the genesis Dogs of Elon NFT collection. The main objective of the game is for players to navigate their NFT dog character through a hostile alien invasion on Musk’s colonized Mars. The game uses a Play-to-Win tokenomic structure that rewards skilled players with KDOE prizes through tournament participation.
  2. DOE Off the Leash:
    This is an interesting and unique immersive single-player Sandbox RPG adventure where gamers complete a set of objectives and takes in search of the Dogefather. Upon completion of the game, players will have the opportunity to visit the virtual Kudoe Labs team or view the Doges of Elon NFT gallery located in DOE Park.
  3. Kudoe Wallet:
    The wallet is one of the most important parts of the ecosystem as it will be essential for every player. It is a decentralized self-custody wallet hosting Kudoe’s decentralized applications and utilities. Over time, the blockchain plans to partner with fiat on-ramp solutions to make KDOE, NFTs, and the ecosystem more accessible to new users.
  4. Kudoe NFT Marketplace:
    The holy grail of all things NFTs, this marketplace will allow users to browse and buys Doges of Elon NFTs for a slightly lower fee. The marketplace will host the genesis NFT collection, partnered collections, collectible drops, and more. The NFTs can be purchased using KDOE, ETH, and other assets to be announced.

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