Kishimoto Inu: All you need to know about the anime-based token

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Kishimoto Inu
Source: Kishimoto Inu Website

Masashi Kishimoto is one of the most celebrated manga writers and artists. Hailing from Japan, he is best known for the creation of the groundbreaking manga series Naruto, which has sold over 250 million copies worldwide. Kishimoto’s work has inspired a profusion of artists and writers from across the globe. To celebrate his life work, and the struggles with Masashi Kishimoto, a group of developers, led by Christain Costello, have created the Kishimoto Inu token.

What is Kishimoto Inu?

The Kishimoto Inu token was stealthily launched on the ERC20 network on the 18th of October, 2021. The creators’ objective is to provide a platform where artists from all aspects of anime, from visual art to audio, can come to not only exhibit their work but also gain visibility that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. Their goal in the crypto-verse is to not only participate in it but to lead it and to exceed all other cryptocurrencies with smart coding that rewards faithful holders.

Kishimoto Inu had 10,000 holders in less than a month. It will produce value for the whole anime ecosystem with the strong utilities available on their Anime NFT Marketplace and Anime Exchange platforms.

Tokenomics of Kishimoto Inu

The Kishimoto Inu token has 100 Quadrillion tokens in supply, with 52% of it burnt to date. There is a 10% tax on transactions where 5% goes to Marketing, 3% to Liquidity, and 2% to reflections, and sent to the dead wallet. The token currently has 13,800 holders to date with over 30,000 social media followers. 

Kishimoto Inu is currently tradable on ETH, BSC, FTM, and AVAX. Holders of Kishimoto tokens can bridge their tokens across the four chains for a 0.03 percent fee, allowing users to access the token with lower gas costs. Kishimoto Inu is also listed on five centralized exchanges: Hotbit, XT Exchange, ZT Exchange, LBank, BKEX, and 2 decentralized exchanges: ShibaSwap and FEGex. Not only that, but they are also the first project to be listed on SaitaMask, which is scheduled to launch on the 8th of January, 2022.  


Kishimoto Inu’s maiden utility is a unique, self-contained digital marketplace where Kishimoto tokens may be used to buy and sell NFTs. The NFT collection, dubbed “Kishi Ninjas,” will include 10,000 unique and distinctive Ninja-headed characters that will be used in a Play-2-Earn game. 

The Kishiswap platform is the second utility, which acts as a bridge between anime projects and anime utilities. Vetted currencies may use the Kishimoto Inu platform to gain more exposure, have staking capabilities, and assist users in finding the most exciting new projects.

The token also plans to launch its own Virtual Privacy Network (VPN), an Anime DEX, and a Play-to-earn game scheduled to launch later in 2022. Kishimoto Inu has completed the Anime DEx audit and the DEx is live on 

Kishimoto Inu’s developers also plan to launch a secondary governance token called Katsumi token, to be issued in Q1 2022.  The 10% tax levied on Katsumi tokens will be divided as:

5% to buy and burn Kishimoto tokens
3% to a charity wallet where Katsumi holders can vote what charity gets donated through a DAO platform and,
2% for reflections and burn. 

Donations to the Community

The developers of Kishimoto have a very community-centered model. They have made large donations to the community to further strengthen its hold. So far they have donated 15 ETH to the Manny Pacquiao Charity. Hundreds of student scholarships, poor-area farming equipment, churches, hospitals, disaster assistance, environmental causes, and countless foreign organizations benefit from this money. 

To date, the developers have brought back 520 ETH in tokens, which they have distributed to Kishimoto Inu holders during a ten-day staking event. 

The Kishimoto Inu team also assisted in the creation of a relief fund of 1.25 quadrillion tokens ($800k) for rugged Tsuzuki owners, who were allowed to collect some free Kishimoto tokens until the end of December 2021.

Unclaimed tokens have now been made accessible to holders of ETH Kishimoto. After the middle of January 2022, any unclaimed tokens will be burned. The company also purchased 220 ETH worth of Saitama tokens and distributed them to Kishimoto holders in a 60-day staking event.

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