LADYS Is Becoming the Next PEPE Coin But ‘Caution’ Is Crucial

Sahana Kiran
Source – Outlook India

In the past few weeks, numerous new meme coins have been introduced. The latest addition draws inspiration from a diverse range of memes. For example, the PEPE meme coin is derived from the popular character Pepe the Frog. PEPE had a significant presence in the crypto market for a considerable period. It attracted numerous investors and made them millionaires. However, as other meme coins gained importance, the enthusiasm surrounding PEPE gradually diminished, and its spotlight began to fade.

The sudden change occurred mainly because of the emergence of LADYS. This meme coin gained rapid popularity following a tweet by Elon Musk. The coin experienced an incredible 11,000% increase in value in a single day. As a result, many investors abandoned PEPE and invested their funds in LADYS. According to Lookonchain, this notion has persisted.

Whale investors have been actively accumulating LADYS tokens, with multiple wallet addresses consistently engaging in buying and selling trillions of tokens. These wallets have been rendering significant profits from their activities.

However, the top 3 holders of this meme coin have been added to the black list. While LADYS has managed to lure in the whales, PEPE coin also has a significant number of whale transactions.

Is LADYS safer than PEPE?

Assessing the credibility of newly founded meme coins can be challenging. Nevertheless, PEPE has achieved recognition and has been listed on exchanges such as Binance and Gemini. On the other hand, LADYS is still in its nascent stages of development and is not as established as the former token. Additionally, PeckShield recently tweeted that the LADYS token was created by scammers.

Price and market value

At press time, LADYS is being traded at $0.000000132359, experiencing a daily surge of 9.96%. It is 23% lower than its previous all-time high of $0.000000172607. On the other hand, PEPE is facing a decline of 10.4% and it is currently 59.75% below a high of $0.00000431.

The market capitalization of these assets clearly demonstrated the disparity in their value. PEPE has gained a market cap of over $700 million, while LADYS is currently at about $118 million. Furthermore, PEPE had a higher trading volume compared to LADYS. PEPE recorded a 24-hour trading volume of over $335 million, while LADYS exhibited a trading volume of over $59 million. Even though LADYS is currently the talk of the crypto town, PEPE seems to be more established than the former at the moment.