Like him or not, Crypto Media cannot Ignore Elon Musk

Namrata Shukla

The narrative of the cryptocurrency industry is misconstrued in the mainstream more often than not. From drawing premature conclusions about market volatility or concluding new projects, the mainstream has more often than not failed to do justice to the Cryptocurrency industry. The latest personality to attract attention is tech giant and proud Dogecoin’s #dogefather, Elon Musk.

Musk has been in the news lately- talking about SpaceX, Dogecoin, Tesla, Dogecoin, the Twitter acquisition that turned into a spectacle, and Dogecoin.

Elon Musk’s influence reaches far and wide and is not just limited to automobiles. However, many have followed Musk’s career and even bet on it from the beginning. Many of whom are reaping the fruit, speaking in terms of the share price of Tesla Inc [TSLA]. Today, when Tesla is trying to transition the world to sustainable energy, there were many still buying the product, given their faith in Musk.

This pushed Twitter user @WholeMarsBlog to ask his followers,

The name invited too many replies, even from Dogecoin creator Billy Markus. Although Markus created DOGE, the community regarded Musk as its so-called “father.” Musk has also taken this title seriously and extended his support to the digital asset and the community. Since Musk got involved, Dogecoin’s value has appreciated, and the ecosystem has pivoted to make DOGE more usable.

Given the upticks for the Dogecoin community and the creator of DOGE, the supporters of Elon Musk have only increased in time. Therefore, the question posed by @WholeMarsBlog got Markus to jocosely say that he will dislike Elon only to keep his credibility.

While media has played an active role in “breaking story,” there was flak the mainstream was receiving due to open bias and unbalanced reportage. Elon Musk became a target lately as he backed out from the $44 billion Twitter deal, citing fake accounts and a lack of information regarding issues offered by the social media platform.

While Markus ironically stated the current fad of liking and disliking people based on media’s opinion, Elon Musk laughed at the question and swiftly jumped in with some points.

Musk tweeted,

Like him or Dislike him, Elon Musk knows his value to investors, projects, and even the media.

Meanwhile, this was not the first time media has been called out for its clickbaity-ness. Even though it was business at the end of the day, the media publications must find a better way than engaging readers through hate.