Lk Bennet Will Allow Its Customers to Make Payments in Bitcoin and Earn Rewards


Following recent news, LK Bennet customers will now enjoy various payment options as they pay in Bitcoin and get the reward scheme that comes with it too.

What is L. K. Bennet?

This is a luxury fashion brand that is based in London, UK. This private company has ready-to-wear collections, from stylish dresses, bags, boots, and more female clothing. Additionally, it was founded in 1990 by Linda Bennet.

The good news is, L. K shoppers have much to enjoy apart from the stylish clothing they get from the company. Read on to find out.

LK Partnership with Mode

Mode, a platform for open banking payments, is collaborating with L. K Bennet in serving the consumer. How? Their partnership is for the platform to offer L. K shoppers crypto rewards. Therefore, Bennet shoppers are soon to smile on their faces following the collaboration between the company and Mode.  

Recently, the platform also had a partnership with THG. The result of this was Bitcoin cashback to millions of brand customers in the UK. This took place three weeks before the official announcement of partnering with LK Bennet. According to the chief executive officer of Mode, Ryan Moore, for over 30 years now, this fashion brand has been the core of Luxury British Fashion.

On the other hand, talking about the company, the chief executive officer of L. K Bennet, Darren Top, says that they constantly seek innovative solutions to help their customers have more payment options. Also, since their shoppers are modern and concerned with technology and the digital era, chances are, they will have evolving needs. Thankfully, LK Bennet is up for the task and is ready to cater to all these.

Notably, the announcement of this partnership comes when both parties, Mode and LK Bennet, are suffering from losses.

LK Bennet’s Customers to Pay in Bitcoin and Earn Rewards

According to the partnership, there are rewards for L. K. Bennet customers. However, how does one get to this point?  They need to make online payments without using cards. This is possible through the use of Mode’s system, which is based on its QR code.

However, how do they get the rewards? With every purchase L. K. Bennet’s customers make their payments through the platform, Mode. Such cardless payments that are made online are responsible for the growth of Bitcoin.

For every first order an LK Bennet customer makes, they get 10% Bitcoin cashback. Consequently, when they keep purchasing from the brand, they will have amazing rewards; £10 on each purchase. Therefore, any shopping time for n LK Bennet customers will be an opportunity to get great rewards.

Why Bitcoin

One thing is clear with L. K Bennet; they value their customers, always ensuring they offer them stylish fashion pieces. Mode, as an open banking payment platform, on the other hand, has an interest in the customers. However, you might wonder about this idea of including Bitcoin in their partnership.

The Mode has a plan of making Bitcoin accessible to many. This partnership is just a step towards fulfilling the plan. Therefore, with Bitcoin, the customers can get cashback.