New York Mayor-Elect Eric Adams Says Schools Should Teach About Cryptocurrency and Its Technology

Eric Adams, Brooklyn borough president and Democratic candidate for New York City mayor speaks during a debate with Republican candidate for New York City mayor Curtis Sliwa at the ABC 7 studios in New York, Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2021. (Eduardo Munoz/Pool Photo via AP)

New York Mayor-elect, Eric Adams, says that schools should teach about cryptocurrency and its technologies.

The mayor who takes office in January vowed to make New York a crypto-friendly city. He just may be making good on his promise. Adams recently joined his counterpart Miami mayor, Francs Suarez, announcing that he would be receiving his paycheck in Bitcoin. Adams announced that he’d receive his first three paychecks in Bitcoin.

During an interview on CNN, the 61-year-old politician shared that Bitcoin is the globe’s

“new way of paying for goods and services.”

For this reason, he felt that schools should take an open approach in their teaching and include crypto and its technologies.

Adams also shared in the interview that although he’s knowledgeable in blockchain and Bitcoin, he still finds it hard to define them whenever asked by the young people on the street. He added that even experts find it challenging to explain crypto.

Eric Adams Making New York City a Cryptocurrency Hub

Still, during the Tuesday interview, the Democrat was asked whether he would encourage the acceptance of Bitcoin or any other crypto by businesses. To this, he answered that his administration, which is “going to get it right,” would “look into it.” He also mentioned that they would need to tread carefully around this subject.

In an interview with Bloomberg Radio, Eric Adams shared that he would explore setting up a crypto coin in New York similar to the ‘MiamiCoin.’ The New York city inhabitants would use the crypto coin for revenue collection. This, just like Miami, would put New York on the map in the crypto world.

The mayor-elect says he plans on waging ‘friendly competition’ with Miami. Miami which is currently one of the hubs for crypto jobs in the US. Adams has a lot of plans to see New York become a pool of crypto-related jobs.