Logan Paul CryptoZoo Base Egg NFT Drop Time Revealed

Logan Paul CryptoZoo $ZOO

The wait is over! The highly anticipated wait of Logan Paul’s CrytpoZoo Base Egg NFT Drop is almost here! Tonight at 7:30 PM EST 10,000 NFT eggs will be released, 5,000 of those eggs will be released on OpenSea and the other 5,000 will be released on the official CryptoZoo.co website marketplace!

What Exactly is Cryptozoo?

Logan Paul has described Cryptozoo as an autonomous ecosystem where zoo owners can breed, collect, and trade exotic hybrid animals as NFTs. 

The project has been in the works for the past six months, and Logan Paul says that his team has invested more than $1 million to ensure that it’s a success. 

The most notable aspect about Cryptozoo is that users will be able to make hybrid NFT animals that can yield tokens and make them some money. Users can use the crytocurrency’s native token, $ZOO, and wETH to purchase “NFT eggs” necessary for breeding new animals (NFTs).  

Cryptozoo’s value has risen by more than 500% since Paul made his announcement. Users can breed as many hybrid animals as they want, giving them consistent opportunities to make money. 

Another notable aspect about Cryptozoo is that users will have fun creating their NFT animals instead of struggling with long and complex codes. This is because Cryptozoo is like a game where players can breed a wide range of animals to make new hybrids. The game is fun, and Paul says that the game’s developers’ kids can’t get enough of it.

It is also worth noting that the project has already achieved more than 17,000 unique holders, passing an important milestone

10% Discount on Egg NFT!!

If successful, Logan Paul’s new project may lure more people into the crypto and NFT markets. However, the project is still under development, and it will officially launch today September 3rd, 2021 at 7:30 PM EST. Paul will offer 10% discounts on NFT eggs bought with $ZOO on the first day of launching.