Logan Paul & KSI’s Prime Surpasses $1.2 Billion in Sales

Joshua Ramos
Source: US Sun

One of the most popular beverage brands in the world, Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime Drinks, has officially surpassed $1.2 billion in sales. The company announced it sold more than 1 billion bottles in a post on X, formerly Twitter, calling the product the “fastest-growing beverage in history.”

Both Paul and KSI, whose real name is Ojide Olayinka ‘JJ’ Williams, have used their collective star power to catapult the brand to new heights. Subsequently, their ambition has led to massive sponsorship deals with sports leagues like the UFC and Major League Baseball.

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Prime Drinks Surpasses $1.2 Billion as Fastest Growing Beverage Ever

There is no understating the massive celebrity of both Logan Paul and KSI. The social media stars have been embraced across a host of industries, which has reinforced their popularity. Moreover, they have joined forces to create a beverage brand that has undoubtedly taken the world by storm.

Now, that popularity has blossomed into unrivaled success. Indeed, Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime Drinks have surpassed $1.2 billion in sales. Subsequently, they have positioned themselves as the fastest-growing beverage in history, according to the company’s post on X.

Logan Paul and KSI's Prime drink has surpassed $1.2 billion in sales, becoming the fastest-growing beverage in history
Source: Good Morning America

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A large part of their successful business model has been the sponsorship deals they have nabbed throughout their meteoric rise. Specifically, they have partnered with companies like the UFC, the MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers, the Premier League’s Arsenal, and the Bundesliga’s Bayern Munich. Additionally, prominent athletes like NHL star Auston Matthews have added to their growing list of collaborators.

Both Paul and KSI have never been shy about promoting the drink across their high-profile endeavors. Whether it be William’s recent boxing bout against Tommy Fury or Paul’s prominent WWE career, Prime remains front and center for the duo.

“We have this thing called the cell phone that lets us reach every corner of the globe,” Paul told Bloomberg. “We’d love to have our footprint in every country.” With their growing celebrity and influence, that should only be a matter of time.