Lonely Alien Space Club: Everything You Need to Know

Lonely Alien Space Club

In July 2021, the cryptocurrency world decided to develop a different type of token. The lead engineers of Lonely Alien Space club spend months perfecting the custom ERC-721 smart contract. This functionality is fitted with innovative ideas and unique functions.

As a result, the project resulted in 100 unique lonely alien traits such as hair, face, shirts, hats, etc. After the initial development, a random alien generation system produced 10,000 unique lonely aliens.

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What is Lonely Alien Space Club NFT?

The Lonely Alien Space Club (LASC) is a collection of 10001 non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens have a basis of the ERC-721 NFT standards using the API for digital assets on smart contracts.

Because of the unique characteristics, each of these tokens has a full membership, a functioning utility and an ever-growing community.

The Whole Story

Ever since the LASC mothership was violently sucked in the black hole near the OP-36 Galaxy 3 years ago, 10000 space club members are on a mission to retrieve them. They flew deep into the metaverse, looking for the lost members. Some of the remaining club members who have been on the lookout to restore the lost spaceship are Hazai, Nukans, Overlord etc.

Using the Ethereum network, they designed a smart contract abduction system that will teleport the lost members to the mothership.

This is where you came in as a member of the LASC club. When you invest in LASC NFT, you help Hazai, Nukans, and Overload bring the lost crew members to the mothership.

Once a buyer abducts a Lonely Alien, the crew authorizes the respective NFT as the automated access key through which the buyer gets exclusive access to the Space club.

The Future

Image: Luke Nukem_LASC/Twitter

The project’s main objective now is to get all members back to the mothership, then begin restoring their respective integral functions and utilities.

Benefits of Lonely Alien Space Club

  • Purchasing the LASC tokens allows you to visit the SpaceClub discord channel.
  • The future is promising as other Club flight phases have new complete designs. 

What Can I do With My Lonely Alien?

Abducting a Lonely Alien is a good deed in the space world. This will earn your crew the authorization of your NFT token, which earns you access to the place where no humans have ever been before.

How to Abduct a Lonely Alien

You can abduct a Lonely Alien when available for purchase on the fully MetaMask integrated SpaceClub website through an IAO. The initial abduction fee was 0.09 ETH but kept changing with time.

After paying the abduction fee, the system randomly chooses a lonely Alien from the website and delivers it to your wallet and also the official LASC Opensea collection.

How Much is the Abduction Fee?

Before the Aliens were all abducted, the set price was 0.06, but currently, to own an alien, you have to place a competitive bid on the OpenSea marketplace.

In Need of a Lonely Alien?

If you are in need of a Lonely Alien, all you are required to do is pay the abduction fee then it will be delivered to your wallet. However, they are out of stock and to buy one; you will need to place a competitive bid on the OpenSea market.