Longevity Science Foundation Receives Crypto Donations to Extend Lifespan


Longevity Science Foundation, a research foundation, has expressed interest in donations from cryptocurrency. The foundation aims to use the technology behind cryptocurrencies to help people lead longer and healthy lives.

The foundation picked the advice of collaborating with Cryptocurrencies from a Vision Board chaired by Evelyne Bisch and other prominent names in the industry. According to the Board, scientists are constantly working to extend the lifespan of people. Also, blockchain might be the missing piece in the puzzle of extending human life.

About Longevity Science Foundation

The Longevity Science Foundation is an organization in Switzerland created by a group of doctors, longevity researchers, and business people. The group aims to develop ways and technologies to help people live up to 120 years. To support the course, the foundation plans to raise and spend $10 million in a span of ten years to achieve its dream.

The foundation plans to support research institutions and projects that embrace next-generation technologies like blockchains in four significant areas that improve human life to achieve their agenda. These areas include; predictive diagnostics, therapeutics, artificial intelligence (AI), and personalized medicine.

They further stated that the world would feel the effects of the above programs after about five years. And therefore, this led to the ten years budget. The foundation hopes to apply theoretical principles towards extending life in real-life applications.

Through donations from blockchains and other organizations, they believe that they will use science and technology to create life-changing solutions.

Collaboration With Cryptocurrencies

A statement released by the foundation reveals that they aim to address one of the biggest challenges in science and longevity therapy. In addition, they will find and support the most creative innovators in the two areas.

Contributors who will support the course by giving donations in the form of cryptocurrencies will earn voting rights. The contributors will vote from time to time to determine the programs best suited to receive the funding. 

Candidates are encouraged to send their ideas to the organization. However, the board will select and evaluate participants to determine if their project will influence the number of years a human being lives.

Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov, widely known for his services on longevity technology and currently working as an adviser to Longenesis, is part of the visionary board. Following a partnership with Bitfury Group, he aims to create a blockchain-based consent management solution for the health care industry.

Following one of his statements, he said that the foundation has created a transparent system that would allow widespread interaction and decision-making. Therefore, through collaboration with contributors, they aim to put longevity medicine as a unique and vital specialty in medicine.

To help them achieve their life extension goal, they plan to follow an individualized patient-centered approach. In conclusion, everybody is a patient with the effects of aging. For that reason, the organization is working to find a cure for this universal and non-preventable disease.

According to Garri Zmudze, LongeVC Managing Partner, blockchain and artificial intelligence technology will help them collect neglected hospital data to support the big course.