The Salvation Army Now Accepts Donations in Bitcoin

salvation army

According to a press release by Engiven, a cryptocurrency donation company, The Salvation Army Western Territory is now accepting Bitcoin donations.

They finally decided to accept crypto donations following the numerous financial needs arising from the challenging year of social distancing.

They are hoping to reach people who have been affected by the tough financial times after the pandemic this Christmas. The generous donations from Bitcoin will enable them to meet the high point of need in the community.

Douglas Riley, the commander commissioner of Salvation Army appreciated the tremendous rise in prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He referred to digital coins as the next-generation fundraising tools.

According to CEO of Engiven, James Lawrence, it is an honor to partner with the Salvation Army to help the community. He stated that this is in line with their main goals as an organization. Their aim is to get involved in works that impact the world.

He further explained that they are looking forward to providing technologies that will enable the Salvation Army to reach more people.

Colonel Kyle Smith, the Western Secretary of Communication of Salvation Army, noted the tremendous growth in the value of Bitcoin. As a result, some investors are getting the feeling of gold which might never come. However, he believes that, with the caring spirit of the crypto community, their donations to the Salvation Army will make a huge difference in changing the lives of those struggling in the community.

About Engiven

Engiven is a donation platform that encourages nonprofit organizations to accept cryptocurrency donations. They offer the organizations tools to help them accept their donations and convert them into US dollars for their engagements.

To qualify for the donations, Engiven requires the organization to change its policies to state that they are now accepting cryptocurrency donations. Also, they need to specify whether the donations will be held or sold immediately.

They, however, recommend that it is best for nonprofit organizations to sell their Bitcoins immediately. This is because crypto values change swiftly. Therefore, by holding the donation, they might have to sell at a low price, reducing the gift’s impact.

Engiven encourages Nonprofit organizations to accept their crypto donations because:

  • The Engiven platform gives you all the tools you need to accept and liquidate the donations.
  • Unlike other platforms, there are no startup or annual fees.
  • Offer a customized form that offers the organization a safe and pleasant experience.
  • The donations are from real people giving the whole process some realness and personal touch.
  • Other than the donations from the Engiven platform, they promote your organization’s mission to other donors. This opens you up for better opportunities.

About the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army runs a charity organization to help people overcome poverty, addictions, and financial difficulties. According to stats, they reach up to 23 million people yearly.

They have been relying on people on the streets and outside shopping malls for their donation; with the pandemic and social distances, this strategy was not working. For this reason, they saw the opportunity in crypto donations and ran with it.