Martha Stewart Cooks Up NFTs


Famous lifestyle entrepreneur and TV personality Martha Stewart has taken the plunge into NFTS by launching Fresh Mint, her platform, and collection. While Fresh Mint hosts a wide range of NTFS, it seems like the platform is simply a gallery. This is because the sales and auctions are on the OpenSea marketplace. 

Inaugural NFT Launch for Martha Stewart

Stewart’s inaugural NFT drop consists of two Halloween-themed collections that reveal high-resolution files. They resemble a set of custom carved and pre-carved pumpkins. They also show Stewart wearing a collection of spooky and classy Halloween costumes. Despite not giving it much hype, the starting price for her tokenized pumpkins is a staggering $8,400 (2 ETH) for pre-carved ones. 

The custom-carved pumpkins have a starting price of $12,600 (3 ETH). Those that give the highest bid for the custom pumpkin NFTs can send in a photo. The photo will then be carved into a pumpkin and then tokenized into an extra NFT. The physical pumpkin will then be shipped to their addresses. At the time of this writing, no NFT had a bid placed on them. 

Coinbase’s First NFT Collections

While this happens, Coinbase has announced the inaugural round of NFT creators it is partnering with ahead of the NFT marketplace launch later in the year.

The first four creators are Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult, which created Forgotten Runes, Ponderware that created the popular MoonCats NFT project, DJ 3LAU, a popular crypto-friendly entertainer, and digital artists GxngYxng. This is a team of exciting creators that Coinbase believes will take the game to the next level. 

In a statement, Coinbase also posted an update to address rumors of other partnered creators it hasn’t released yet. Coinbase says that its followers should get information from their official platforms and not believe any information from unauthorized sources. The statement says that “if it isn’t directly from us, it is probably not true.” 

People are highly anticipating Martha Stewart’s and Coinbase’s NFTs. This is according to Cointelegraph, which reported it about a week ago. As Martha Stewart struggles to get her NTF popular, Coinbase NFTs are an instant hit.

According to Cointelegraph, about a million people signed up for the waiting list within two days of its launch. It is hard to tell the number of those on the waitlist as Coinbase no longer shows the number of new sign-ups.


More companies and established are joining the NFTs bandwagon as virtual property developer Animoca Brands announced it would soon launch its NTF.

Cointelegraph also reported that, a Chinese online retail giant, is also diving into the NFT sector. The company plans to introduce it during the annual JD discovery conference.

Using this proprietary blockchain, the retail giant will start distributing commemorative NFT certificates to those attending the JDD 2021 event in Beijing.

The interest in NFTS has increased significantly due to the many benefits it comes with. Expect more companies and businesses to launch their NFTs as time progresses.