NFTs and Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Non-fungible tokens are an exciting way to invest in the blockchain and crypto world. In recent months, they have taken the world of blockchain and crypto by storm. Furthermore, more artists are joining this new sector as it continues to flourish.

In the world of digital art, there are many different means to create and display it. AI is one way that people have created an everlasting piece in this changing market. AI is the new way to make your artwork more popular. And some artists are taking advantage by using computers.

In March 2021, one New York editor of Spike Art Magazine, Dean Kissick, wrote in a column. “The most popular series of NFT collectibles are algorithmically generated.”

Artificial intelligence is having a massive impact on culture. And many critics believe that algorithms produce bad art. In an interview with Kissick, he explained how AI would change our lives for good or bad.

“The problem is that we want too much content, too fast. And it just leads to this endless algorithmic churning, this paint-by-numbers effect. You see it in art. In Netflix documentaries. Spotify playlists. Op-ed pages. The news. The latest manufactured outrage. Well-reviewed first-person novels about nothing. All so dreadfully banal and repetitive.”

One of the most beloved columnists in the crypto space is warming up to AI-generated NFTs. The futuristic technology has managed to break down some walls for fine arts enthusiasts. As a result, selling high-priced pieces through auction houses is rising.

Artificial Intelligence Generated NFTs

AI served the crypto world with successful profile-pic NFT projects this past summer. Therefore, making them call it a “JPEG summer.” Some of the most famous PFP NFT Projects include the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Pudgy Penguins series. They appear to capitalize on its success from CryptoPunks. Thus it continues to dominate in the field of creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Innovative technology has led to the development of many different types of art. Artists can now use artificial intelligence and computer algorithms alike in this process. A bucket filled with virtual assets is made. These come equipped with unique design features. Or accessories that are not available anywhere else but here. They also have exclusive traits depending upon what kind you want.

The world of generative art is changing with support. And rise in popularity of algorithms over traditional methods. A new platform, Art Blocks, is changing everything by providing unique aesthetic qualities.

AI-generated NFTs are unique and interesting. Moreover, an algorithm makes them with a predefined style. Artists can upload their algorithms onto Art Blocks. Also, set the limit on iterations for minting pieces. And then, choose from one of many available styles that suit them best.

The new strategy of art creation works like a “get-what you get” gumball machine. But some buyers treat it as if they are purchasing an option.