McDonald’s in Lugano, Switzerland Now Accepts BTC & USDT as Payment

Vignesh Karunanidhi
McDonald’s in Lugano, Switzerland Now Accepts BTC & USDT
Source: Business Insider

McDonald’s veers into crypto as its Lugano, Switzerland branch now accepts bitcoin and Tether for payment. Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies’ acceptance rates have progressed far beyond their infancy. Payments and transactions using cryptocurrency are no longer confined to the crypto business.

Global firms from different sectors, including food, fashion, and other industries, are getting their hands on crypto. Some firms have started to accept crypto for payment. Whereas, others have entered the web3 realm in other ways.

In one of the latest updates, McDonald’s has added the option to receive Bitcoin and Tether as payment options.

Pay with Tether and Bitcoin at McDonald’s

Fast food giant McDonald’s dived into the metaverse in February. Ten trademark applications were filed by the giant fast-food chain. Applications included non-fungible tokens (NFTs), virtual concerts, and virtual food and beverage products in downloadable files. In addition, the food company even planned to open a virtual restaurant.

Now, McDonald’s is accepting BTC and USDT in the Swiss city of Lugano. Bitcoin Magazine dropped a one-minute video about ordering food and paying for it using crypto by scanning a QR code at the register.

The card machine that was used to accept the payment had “Bitcoin” and “Tether” mentioned on top of it. Previously, Lugano city signed an MoU with Tether in March 2022. The MoU envisions boosting the adoption of crypto for businesses in the city.