McDonald’s will soon be serving burgers in the Metaverse

Sahana Kiran
Source – Pixabay

The prominent fast-food chain, McDonald’s is prepping to flip burgers in the virtual world. The firm’s latest trademark applications shed light on its brewing interest in the metaverse.

Metaverse is certainly the future. This digital universe is nothing but an amalgamation of all things digital under a single roof. The fact that an array of major firms were diving into the space further bolsters its actuality in the future. Following the footsteps of Puma, Nike, Walmart, and several others, McDonald’s decided to hop onto the metaverse bandwagon.

Trademark attorney, Josh Gerben revealed McDonald’s latest move on Twitter. He pointed out that the fast-food giant had filed about ten trademark applications. The applications ranged from virtual goods and beverage products in downloadable files as well as non-fungible tokens [NFTs] to virtual concerts. The restaurant chain even intended to set up a virtual restaurant.

Furthermore, the virtual restaurant will reportedly feature a home delivery option. The trademark application was filed last Friday.

McDonald’s made immense news in the crypto-verse recently. With Elon Musk pushing the fast-food giant to accept Dogecoin to McDonald’s job application NFTs selling out, it was a rather bizarre couple of days for the restaurant. However now, the idea of NFTs seems to have caught the eye of the US fast-food chain.

McDonald’s already a part of the Metaverse?

The fast-food platform collaborated with Humberto Leon in order to formulate a zodiac collection in the Metaverse called the ‘Hall of Zodiacs‘. Commemorating the Lunar New Year, McDonald’s allowed its customers an opportunity to witness the “one-of-a-kind collection of zodiac animal designs.”

During the time, the Senior Director of Cultural Engagement at McDonald’s, Elizabeth Campbell noted that it was the right time for the fast-food giant to make a debut into the metaverse. Elaborating on the latest collaboration, Campbell said,

“We’re excited to reach our fans in a meaningful way that captures the essence of the Year of Tiger showcasing bravery, strength, and confidence through art while leveraging a digital experience that meets them in spaces they enjoy.”

Despite this, the firm was yearning to elevate its presence in the metaverse. Mcdonald’s latest move could also pave the way for a slew of other firms from the food industry to dip their toes into the metaverse.