McDonald’s, Starbucks, Chipotle, Walmart take the orange pill; Now pay with Bitcoin

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

The adoption rate of Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies are way past their nascent stage. Crypto payments and transactions are no longer limited to the crypto industry. In a recent announcement, the CEO of Strike, Jack Mallers revealed that they were integrating Bitcoin into some of the largest payment processors, NCR, Blackhawk as well as Shopify. Any platform that employs these processors will be able to carry out transactions using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

This in turn would aid Bitcoin bugs to pay while buying a burger at McDonald’s or grabbing a coffee at Starbucks. Grocery shopping at Walmart can be carried out through crypto now.

Speaking at Bitcoin 2022 conference, Mallers highlighted that the reason behind the integration was to negate banks. He intends to aid merchants from paying hefty fees and allowing more privacy for the shoppers during the payments process. He added,

“Any online merchant that uses Shopify can accept payments without the 1949 boomer network, receive it instantly, cash final, no intermediary, no 3% fee.”

Bitcoin would be attaining a massive boost through this integration. Mallers, during his presentation, listed the names of the companies that would be employing Bitcoin’s Lightning Network for payments. As per the presentation, about 400,000 storefronts will now extend support for BTC through the Lightning Network.

Source – Twitter

Further elaborating on the latest integration, Mallers added,

“You’re gonna be able to walk into a grocery store, to Whole Foods, to a Chipotle, if you want to use a Lightning node over Tor, you do that.”

Jack Dorsey lauds Jack Mallars’ Bitcoin-friendly move

Crypto Twitter was awestruck by the latest announcement. An array of individuals came forward and stressed the magnitude of the announcement. The former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has been a vocal supporter of Bitcoin. As a result, he went on to call Mallers an inspiration for boosting the adoption of Bitcoin.

Additionally, this integration is expected to further put Bitcoin on a pedestal. While more information from the aforementioned stores is yet to come out, BTC recorded a dainty surge. During press time, the world’s largest cryptocurrency was trading for a little over $43k.