Meta’s Threads to Add $8 Billion in Annual Revenue by 2025

Joshua Ramos
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The newly announced Twitter alternative, Meta’s Threads is reportedly set to add $8 billion in annual revenue to the company by 2025. Moreover, Bloomberg has reported analyst data that suggest the new text-based social media application could be a huge financial win for the company.

Launching last week, Threads is an Instagram companion application built off of the app’s 2 billion monthly users. Indeed, it has built an alternative to the immensely popular Twitter app and could drive Meta’s earnings upward.

Source: Bloomberg

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Meta’s Threads To Add Billions to Annual Revenue

The social media landscape was taken by surprise last week with the arrival of Threads. Developed by the Mark Zuckerberg-helmed business, it has set forth a renewed competition between Twitter and Meta. Yet, it appears as though the newly released product is gaining ground on its competitor, based on recent analysis.

Specifically, Bloomberg reported forecasts that suggest Meta’s Threads could add $8 billion in annual revenue to the company by 2025. Moreover, over the next two years, it is predicted to reach 200 million daily active users. Building off of the already massive user base for its companion application, Instagram.

Source: BBC

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The application had seen 100 million users sign up for the service since it launched last week, Bloomberg reported. Subsequently, it has firmly embraced its status as a Twitter alternative. Much to the dismay of Twitter, which answered its success with a lawsuit alleging its use of the technology of the platform.

The additional revenue from Threads is only a part of the $156 billion it is expected to earn in 2025. Yet Bloomberg did note how it relates to the $5.1 billion in sales that Twitter earned in its first year as a public company. Alternatively, Meta earned $117 in revenue last year, with more than 3 billion users across its different offerings.

As of July 2022, Twitter boasted 237.8 million users. Conversely, that number is expected to decrease with growing unpopularity regarding the platform’s recent decision. However, only time will tell if Twitter’s purchasable blue check verification model can catapult it to new heights. As of now, Threads will continue to embrace competition in a social media battle that is worth observing.