Microsoft Collaborates With Aptos to Explore Digital Payments and CBDCs

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Microsoft's Nuclear Power Team to Fuel AI, Report
Source: CNBC

Tech giant Microsoft and Aptos Labs, an innovative public blockchain platform founded by former Facebook employees, have announced a new collaboration to explore numerous initiatives. The partnership is aimed at exploring Aptos’s innovative solutions using Microsoft’s AI technology to bolster its tools and services.

Details from the press release reveal that Aptos will utilize Microsoft’s framework to launch new offerings that will be a mix of Blockchain and artificial intelligence. This also includes the launch of Aptos Assistant, a new chatbot that will answer queries regarding the Aptos ecosystem.

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Mo Shaikh, CEO of Aptos Labs, said, “Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technologies are quickly converging for one important reason: they are both generational breakthroughs that profoundly impact the evolution of the internet and shape society.”

Microsoft and Aptos will explore digital payments and CBDC

The two companies have additionally decided to explore financial service solutions based on blockchain technology. This includes examining asset tokenization, various payment methods, and the concept of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) to broaden the potential applications of blockchain. Aptos intends to operate validator nodes using Microsoft Azure in order to bolster the security of its network.

Microsoft had also collaborated with Web3 infrastructure platform ankr back in February with the aim of deploying a novel node hosting service.