Microsoft Putting Limits on ChatGPT-Powered Bing

Joshua Ramos
Source: Forbes

Although the OpenAI-developed chatbot has been a viral sensation, lauded for its capabilities, the search engine powered by its functions has not seen a similar rise. Now, amidst some unsettling conversations with users, Microsoft is putting limits on ChatGPT-powered Bing.

The change will see chat sessions with the search engine limited to 15 or more questions, according to a ZDNet report. The news follows Microsoft and OpenAI announcing last week the intention to develop a more customizable ChatGPT for users.

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ChatGPT Bing Getting Safeguards

The generative AI that has taken over the tech world has now seemingly restarted a war for search engine supremacy, or so we all thought. As Bing excited many with the announcement of the OpenAI technology integration, the first impression of the tester has been a mixed one.

Now, Microsoft is taking steps to address that issue, as they are putting limits on their ChatGPT-powered Bing. The news comes following a week of rather unsettling conversations about the AI system coming to light. Even leaving one New York Times Reporter fearful of the technology.

Source: Forbes

According to ZDNet, the new limits to the system will only allow a user 5 “chat turns” per session. Moreover, users of the search engine will only be allowed 50 “chat turns” per day. A chat turn involves a user question and a subsequent reply from the program. Furthermore, ZDNET notes that once the limit on chat turns is reached, the user is “prompted to start a new topic,” with context cleared from the system.

Although the limit will undoubtedly frustrate some, it is a necessary development in maximizing the technology. Generative AI, for its incredible development, is still in constant progression. A limit allows users to gain the benefit of the system, while still understanding where its understandable flaws may lie.