Microsoft’s Updated Xbox Rumored to Include Crypto Wallets

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: The Verge

According to reports, Microsoft could be adding crypto wallet support for its updated version of the Xbox gaming console. According to the report, the updated Xbox could roll out as early as 2024.

Apart from crypto wallet support, the new Xbox is also rumored to include artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities. The new technologies are reportedly for in-game character dialogue generation and for improving frame rates (FPS). Moreover, the updated console will reportedly be fully digital with no disk drive. Moreover, it is said that it will include 2 TB storage with lower power consumption.

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However, Microsoft has not revealed any details about crypto support for its Xbox platform. Moreover, it should be noted that the leaked slides acquired by Axios are dated May 2022.

Although an updated Xbox is rumored to launch sometime next year, the report noted that the next generation of the gaming console will debut in 2028.

How likely is Microsoft to add crypto support on Xbox?

Source: Xbox Wire

Despite no official word, there is a chance that the tech giant could include crypto wallet support for its gaming console. Crypto is slowly becoming a mainstream form of payment, and Web3 gaming is becoming increasingly popular. A crypto wallet will make interactions with Web3 apps and games easier and could give Microsoft an edge over its competitors at Sony. Furthermore, in March 2023, it was reported that the company was integrating a crypto wallet into its Edge web browser. It was said that the wallet aims to simplify “experiences that make Web3 easier to interact with.”

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Despite the exciting leaks, there is no confirmation from Microsoft about its updated Xbox consoles, including support for crypto. We will have to wait for an official statement before jumping to conclusions.