Mobile, Alabama, Becomes the First City in the State to Approve a Bitcoin Mining Project

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Mobile, Alabama Becomes the First City in the State to Approve a Bitcoin Mining Project
Source: Unsplash

The City of Mobile, Alabama, approved a bitcoin mining project in partnership with Distributed Ledger Inc and GulfQuest Maritime Museum.

The firms have collaborated to build a bitcoin mining facility that is sustainable for the city. The Distributed Ledger Inc will consist of 100 miners, which will be contained in a modified air cool shipping container.

100 bitcoin mining rigs in a container

The 100 Bitmain Antminer S19s will be housed in a shipping container modified and air-cooled on site. The entire infrastructure of the mining facility is handled by Distributed Ledger Inc, which is a cryptocurrency infrastructure company.

The mining rigs will run non-stop, which will aid in the funding for the government and the further developments of the infrastructure, which can be assisted through the mining revenue. Distributed Ledger Inc and GulfQuest envision increasing the bitcoin adoption with this venture.

Source: Markets Insider

“The hi-tech revenue source of Bitcoin mining, is tied to the education, adoption and growth of the next level of encrypted and secure growth of the internet designed to provide a dramatic time and cost savings and a higher level of security for the global maritime industry.”

Former Mobile Mayor Mike Dow and current executive director of GulfQuest board

Last month, the municipal council of Mobile City voted to let the initiative proceed, indicating a readiness to broaden the city’s exposure to bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-related enterprises.

“We couldn’t be more excited at the opportunity to bring blockchain technology and bitcoin to the State of Alabama and more importantly, the great City of Mobile. Our goal at DLI is simple, help companies and institutions with the understanding, accumulation, and usage of cryptocurrency.”

Mike Francis, Distributed Ledger CEO

The initiative will aid in increasing the adoption of bitcoin and mining and also aid as an additional funding revenue to the government.