Moon Nation Bridge : The Steam of Crypto Games


Moon Nation has announced the fast-tracking of the development of Moon Nation Bridge (MNB) which would serve as a Steam alternative in the crypto gaming industry. Moon Nation was initially a space-based role-playing game (RPG) built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Moon Nation Game (MNG) is the native token of the project.

This release came as a result of recent updates on the Steam platform. The giant gaming developer banned all crypto and NFT related games. The announcement by the platform that boasts of 25 million daily players shocked many, especially those in the crypto gaming sphere.

What Does this Mean for Blockchain Games?

The announcement by the platform that plays host to thousands of games means that crypto games will have to find a new home. Crypto and NFT related games have to be one of the most exciting developments to hit the crypto industry. Their fame continues to spread since they are an easy and fun way to earn and learn about crypto.

The announcement by Steam was devastating for the many crypto games that would be left homeless. However, Moon Nation has got them covered. The recently launched Moon Nation Bridge (MNB) will act as the ‘Steam’ of Blockchain.

Moon Nation Bridge: The Steam of Blockchain Games


Moon Nation Bridge aims to be a hub for all crypto-related games. Moreover, it will also offer crypto functionality to non-blockchain games. Players will be able to exchange Moon Nation Game (MNG) tokens with Moon Nation Point (MNP) tokens.

Moon Nation Game (MNG) tokens are important for three things: They can give you passports to start exploring the in-game universe, they can help you get the in-game currency (MNP) and finally, they are a safe investment opportunity.

To use the platform, you need MNP tokens. MNP is the official off-chain gaming currency that can be utilized in all games for any purpose. For example, players with MNP can buy new skins, develop their avatar, upgrade abilities and strengthen their gear.

Moon Nation recently announced that Moon Nation Bridge had integrated Steam’s application programming interface. This API allows for the easy connection of any game whether crypto or non-crypto to the MNB platform.  Steam players will also be able to connect to the platform.

Why is the Moon Nation Bridge Important?

Moon Nation Bridge allows players to exchange NFTs, chat with each other, and enjoy Play-to Earn titles. Converting MNG to MNP will also protect players from MNG price volatility. Most importantly, players get to win real cash rewards as they do something they enjoy – gaming.

As the number of users increases on the platform, there will be increased demand for MNG tokens. This will in turn translate to a valuable asset for MNG investors, hence making MNG and lucrative long-term investment opportunity.

The platform is also beneficial for game developers who get to send and receive points quickly. Game developers also get to add new features to their games. Additionally, the platform allows for the developer’s games to reach new audiences.

Moon Nation Bridge has two types of wallets, the blockchain wallet, and an offline game wallet. The game wallet contains the game points that can be used to play games. The MNG token can be swapped for MNP and vice versa whenever a player wants to cash out or enter the platform. Each game and player has their own game wallet.

The Future of Moon Nation Bridge

The exiting of Steam from anything related to Blockchain has left a big gap. Moon Nation hastened to bridge the gap with their MNB platform. It is clear that many gaming companies are considering moving over to blockchain, especially after the successful NFT mania. By secluding itself, Steam is unknowingly driving gamers into the hand of the next company that will provide solutions.

To put things into perspective, Axie Infinity, the biggest blockchain gaming platform raked in over $1 billion in sales in August alone. Axie Infinity was also caught up in the Steam platform ban. If Moon Nation can set itself up to be the go-to platform for blockchain and non-blockchain games, we are looking at over a 100X value increase for this $9-million-dollar market cap project.