Netflix’s Crypto Swindler Triggers Uproar Among the Community

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Netflix's Crypto Swindler Triggers Uproar Among the Community
Source: Unsplash

Netflix dropped a documentary called “Trust No one: The Hunt for the Crypto King that triggered wild reactions among the community. The documentary was released on March 30, 2022.

The entire documentary revolves around the mysterious death of the now-bygone founder of the crypto exchange, QuadrigaCX.

The rationale behind the documentary was to shed some clarity on the community around the puzzling crypto case.

Netflix dug deep to solve the mystery

It was alleged that the QuadrigaCX founder died on a trip to India. The founder was also said to have taken the keys to several cryptocurrency wallets with him.

The estimated worth of the wallets is speculated to be around $250 million. The documentary researchers still believe there was more to the founder’s death. It portrays various conspiracy theories about the founder’s mysterious disappearance.

One wild theory belief is that the founder faked his death to flee with millions of dollars. Some also believed that the founder faked himself as a Crohn’s disease patient to prove his death. But a user discredited this conspiracy claiming that Chrone’s disease rarely kills a person.

Netflix received wild responses

Netflix was in for a treat with a wild array of responses and outrages from the community.

Some users took it out to Twitter to express their wild opinions about the documentary. One user wrote:

“Watched it at the gym tonight. Got only 1/2 way through, but it‘s already insane: Biggest red flag is faking death with Crohn‘s disease, seriously?! You don’t need an MD to know Crohn’s disease rarely leads to death!”

Another user who had used QuadrigaCX earlier said that he took out the money in time because he thought something was off. He wrote:

“I had a lot of coins on that exchange. But one day I sensed something strange with the way the trades were being handled. Having set up bloomberg systems for AIMCO, i had a good feeling for how these exchanges should work. Right then and there I pulled all the coins out.”

The wild uproar suggests that the documentary is quite engaging, and anyone with the minimum crypto knowledge can understand it.