Notcoin Price Prediction: Is It A Buy?


From a simple Telegram game to a multimillion-dollar token, Notcoin (NOT) has turned heads in the crypto market.

But after experiencing a significant price drop in the past week, investors are now asking: Is Notcoin a buying opportunity or just another fad?

Notcoin – From Telegram Game to Crypto Market Sensation

Notcoin started from something seemingly simple – a quirky little game on Telegram.

But it quickly evolved into a viral phenomenon, racking up over 35 million players and generating traction in the crypto space.

The premise was straightforward: earn crypto tokens (called NOT) by tapping an animated icon.

Although silly, this “Tap-to-Earn” approach helped Notcoin become one of the fastest-growing Web3 games to date.

Thanks to its success, the creators opted to launch the NOT token on the TON blockchain, which Telegram had initially founded.

While NOT was scheduled to debut on April 20 to coincide with the Bitcoin halving, the launch was pushed back to ensure a smoother transition.

After several more delays, NOT finally hit major exchanges like Binance and OKX on May 16 – unlocking the ability to trade this gaming crypto on the open market.

Can Notcoin Recover After Its Post-Listing Rollercoaster?

NOT’s impressive debut is one of the main reasons the token is in the spotlight.

The hype around its CEX listings prompted a wave of demand, and early investors saw the token rise 600% in a matter of hours.

But then reality set in – and investors began to take profits.

This profit-taking led to a massive decrease in value, and over the past seven days, NOT’s price has dropped by 63%.

The token’s market cap has also plummeted by $700 million, now around $513 million.

Even so, NOT managed to generate over $100 million in spot trading volume in the last 24 hours. So, is Notcoin a good buy right now? Its tap-to-earn concept and viral origins give it appeal.

However, whether Notcoin’s price rebounds or the bearishness continues will likely depend on the game’s continued popularity.

If it can continue gaining traction and new use cases are added, Notcoin could pass its previous all-time high and push toward $0.020, which would be a 284% increase from today’s price.

On the other hand, if the hype dies down and the novelty wears off, NOT could continue dropping to $0.0040 – or potentially even lower.

There are plenty of other crypto projects vying for attention alongside Notcoin.

One with an intriguing premise is Mega Dice Token (DICE), the native currency of the popular Mega Dice casino on Solana.

Could Mega Dice be a Better Gaming Token to Buy?

The Mega Dice casino has an established brand presence, with over 50,000 existing players and 4,000+ games.

Mega Dice’s team has launched the DICE token presale so holders can earn a cut of the casino’s daily profits.

This means holders get paid just for owning the token – a true source of passive income.

But DICE has other benefits, such as access to exclusive rewards, limited-edition NFTs, and airdrop campaigns.

The project’s whitepaper also lays out a concrete roadmap for DICE, including plans to launch the token on DEXs (and potentially CEXs).

While Notcoin is banking on viral momentum alone, Mega Dice Token has much more substance. Its established casino user base and clear utility could give it an edge over NOT in the long term. The ongoing presale, which has raised over $1.3 million so far, adds to Mega Dice Token’s appeal.

Early investors can buy DICE through the presale for just $0.075 – a price that Mega Dice Telegram channel members believe will rise post-listing.

Of course, the GambleFi space is highly competitive, so DICE still has challenges ahead.

However, DICE might just be the ticket for those seeking a Notcoin alternative with real-world utility.

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