OpenAI Announces ChatGPT Plus

Joshua Ramos
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The viral chatbot’s creators, OpenAI, have announced the brand new ChatGPT Plus. A pilot subscription plan is available at $20 per month and grants various benefits to frequent users of the software.

According to the OpenAI announcement, the ChatGPT Plus plan will give subscribers “general access to ChatGPT, even during peak times” as well as “faster response times,” and “priority access to new features and improvements.”

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OpenAI Introcueds ChatGPT Subscription Plan

There is little argument to be made about the viral sensation that the newly developed chatbot, ChatGPT, has become in just a matter of months. The OpenAI developed program was introduced in December of last year and has already surpassed a million users while becoming a force in the tech world.

Now, the developers are taking the base level of the program a step further, through OpenAI’s announcement of ChatGPT Plus. The newly announced add-on is a subscription service that provides subscribers with generally faster responses from the chatbot, access during its busiest periods, and priority to “new features and improvements.”

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The announcement notes that the program is available to users in the United States, with invitations to users on the platform’s waitlist arriving “over the coming weeks.” Moreover, the statement notes the plan to “expand access and support to additional countries and regions soon.”

Conversely, OpenAI assured users that free access to the platform would remain. Furthermore stating that, through the subscription service, the developers will be better equipped to “help support free access availability to as many people as possible.” Conclusively, the statement notes that ChatGPT Plus is yet another aspect of their plan to expand offerings, based on continued feedback.