Pakistan Applies To Join BRICS Alliance

Vinod Dsouza
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Pakistan has formally sent its application to join the BRICS alliance and be a part of the grouping in 2024. BRICS invited six new countries to join the bloc including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Argentina, Egypt, Iran, and Ethiopia. Among the six members, Argentina could be the only country to reject the BRICS invitation. Read here to know why Argentina is not interested in joining BRICS.

However, Pakistan is now seeking support from Russia to induct them into the BRICS alliance. Pakistan is counting on Russia to fast-track the membership process through the help of the country’s newly appointed Ambassador to Russia Muhammad Khalid Jamali.

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Pakistan Seeks Russia’s Help To Join BRICS

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Jamali confirmed that Pakistan has formally applied to join BRICS and hopes to be a part of the bloc in 2024. He stressed that Pakistan is seeking Russia’s assistance for induction and hopes to enter the group under Putin’s presidency.

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“Pakistan would like to be part of this important organization and we are in process of contacting member countries for extending support to Pakistan’s membership in general and Russian Federation in particular,” the ambassador said to Tass.

However, it is not known if other countries in the alliance have agreed to invite Pakistan into the group. India is a staunch rival to Pakistan and most likely would oppose such a move.

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Moreover, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said in October that they would like to induct a “circle of BRICS friends”. On the other hand, China also stressed that they would like to induct “like-minded partners” into the bloc.

The Communist nation also added that they are an “open and inclusive” alliance and would like to expand the group. China is looking to add more countries in a bid to kick-start the de-dollarization initiative. In conclusion, Pakistan’s entry into BRICS will be a difficult one as India will oppose their induction.