PancakeSwap Rejects Extending Lottery NFT Claim Period


PancakeSwap has declared ‘we hear you’ to its community and will no longer extend the claim period for NFTs.

Misplaced Interest

PancakeSwap has decided to decline any petition to extend the claim period for lottery Non-Fungible Token (NFTs). Yet, The community is in an uproar over the decision to deny the extension.

The PancakeSwap community was unhappy when some members missed their chance to claim free NFTs. The company admitted fault, saying that it’s due to a lack of communication with eligible claimants.

PancakeSwap nearly fixed the mistake by offering an extended claim period for those who had submitted claims. But, some users fought back on this proposal. Finally, the company made a series of tweet announcements on 26 September.

“We hear you. We will NOT be extending the claim period for the Lottery #NFTs, nor any other NFT collection period. The number of Lottery NFTs circulation will remain exactly as it is now,” said the first tweet in the series.

The Pancake team’s tweets showed that they were in an awkward position and may have been short-sighted not to see the problem for what it is. But many users felt this way, too, as their attempt at reconciliation left more questions than answers.

It was a huge oversight on our part only to consider the people who missed out due to our poor communication. Yet, we did not consider those who had already claimed their NFTs. We won’t be doing that again,” .

The PancakeSwap Team responded

The battle between extension and non-extension seemed to be a fight for self-interest. Those who already have their NFTs wanted no more claims. But, those who didn’t manage tried extension by claiming again with a later deadline.

“Lastly, we apologize for the oversight and the concern this has caused over the last few hours. Rest assured, we got the message and will take steps to resolve the communication issues that got us here,” lamented PancakeSwap.

About PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap is a revolutionary new way to trade cryptocurrencies. It offers all features you could ask for in your average exchange. Additionally, it goes one step further by providing its users with extra tools that make trading more manageable and rewarding.

For example, Liquidity Pools allow traders access to asset holdings through reverse liquidity loans. But, Swapping lets two parties agree upon price movements without having an immediate transaction. Moreover, Yield Farming allows holders to invest earnings from selling coins back onto their market.

The PancakeSwap protocol is a platform that allows users to make the most out of their crypto assets. It does this by trading, earning through yield farming, and winning via lottery. With high trading volumes in this market, it’s no surprise why PancakeSwap is leading DEXs on BSC.