PayPal Co-Founder Regrets Not Buying Bitcoin When It Was Under $60k


Why didn’t Peter Thiel, PayPal co-founder, buy Bitcoin when it was under $60k? Read on to find out the possible reasons, and discover why you can invest in this cryptocurrency.

PayPal Co-Founder Regrets

Over the years, various people have traded in Bitcoin. However, some were hesitant at first. They never and never invested until they saw the explosion of the investors’ virtual wallets. Speaking of regrets, Peter Thiel, PayPal co-founder, expressed this in an interview which Lincoln network hosted.

Peter Thiel mentions how he was hesitant to buy Bitcoin.

He said, “I feel like I’ve been underinvested in it.”

After Bitcoin hit over $66,000, a new record price per coin a few hours earlier, these were his words.

Why? This technology billionaire thought that this cryptocurrency was open to everyone. According to his thoughts, “the secret was already known by everyone.” He, however, added, “maybe it still is enough of a secret.”

As much as he says he had underinvested in this cryptocurrency, on Monday night in an event, he talked. Thiel managed to advise his audience, which was made up of the Federalist Society in Miami, to buy Bitcoin. Moreover, being a libertarian, he also suggested that Bitcoin’s original concept is libertarian, unlike AI, which he considers communist.

Additionally, according to the Information, this billionaire mentioned that one of the vivid indicators that the current political system in the US is unsustainable is the stratospheric price of Bitcoin. As much as he said he doesn’t know if his audience should put all their money in Bitcoin when it is at $60,000, the fact that it is at that point is an extremely hopeful sign. Therefore, he sees potential in this cryptocurrency. He calls it the most honest market they have in the US.

The good news is that Peter Thiel advocates for virtual currency, and the company he co-founded, PayPal, has also launched cryptocurrency services in the UK. Therefore, users can trade on Bitcoin, Ethereum among others.

Bitcoin Success Stories

bitcoin efts
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Bitcoin has increased in value over the years. As much as some never bought it, there are success stories of investors who did and were able to see the increase in their virtual wallets. For instance, Bitcoin helped John Ratcliff, a video game developer, realize his potential in cryptocurrency.

He started in 2012 and invested $15,000 months later. Eight years later, he is currently constructing his dream house worth $1.4m. He also can pay college fees for his children, is looking forward to producing a $250,000 Tesla Roadster, and is even sparing some coins for charity.

Additionally, other billionaires are supporting Bitcoin. Such personalities include Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, and Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder. Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid; give this cryptocurrency a chance.

Invest in Bitcoin, Have Your Success Story

If you are an investor still debating whether or not to venture into this cryptocurrency, you don’t have to regret it. You can learn a few things from PayPal co-founder’s words and give Bitcoin a try.