Pentagon Shoots Down Second Unidentified Object Over Alaska

Joshua Ramos
Source: Arlington National Cemetery

The Pentagon has downed an unidentified object located over Alaska on Thursday night. The New York Times has reported that President Joe Biden ordered the action following its identification according to US officials.

The development occurred just a week after an unidentified Chinese Spy Baloon was located in American airspace. Moreover, the report did not state wether or not the unidentified object wa slaso a baloon, with limited information regarding its origin or purpose.

Biden Orders Unidenitified Object Shot Down

The New York Times reported the Pentagon downed an unidentified object located over Alaska at the orders of the American President. Although there is limited information available regarding the aircraft, US officials told the publication that its altitude created concern for the government.

The source for the report noted that the object of unidentified origin was “traveling at an altitude that made it a potential threat to civilian aircraft.” Moreover, stating that the presidents actions where ordered “out of an abundance of caution,” according to he official.


Less than a week ago, a fighter jet similarly shot down a Chinese spy balloon that had entered into American airspace. Conversely, this current breach took place over Alaska, and was primarily described as a “fast-moving” situation for those involved.

Ultimately it is unknown wether or not the object was “from an adversarial power, or a commercial or research operation that has gone astray,” the report noted. Subsequently stating that the breach was “relatively short,” informing the decision by the president to eliminate any potential risk it may bring forth.