After Elon Musk, Play-2-Earn Gaming Could Be the Next Force to Introduce People to Cryptocurrencies

Vinod Dsouza
play 2 earn
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The cryptocurrency market saw a boost in the number of investors after Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced he invested in Dogecoin last year. The self-made billionaire went on a Twitter spree praising Dogecoin for months and made the crypto a brand of sorts. Millennials around the world were introduced to the world of cryptos through Musk and poured their money on the meme-coin. However, the new and first-time investors saw an array of other promising tokens and invested in cryptos of their choice.

Nonetheless, the sudden spike in the number of investors compared to last year has remained stagnant. The next force to introduce people to cryptos could be the world of gaming.

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Gaming has always been an integral part of everyone’s lives and thousands of new entrants get introduced to gaming. From Grand Theft Auto to Call of Duty and Minecraft, the list of the best games is endless.

Source: Unsplash

Moreover, the introduction of play-2-earn blockchain games is slowly yet steadily making inroads into the gaming world. The prospects of earning while playing is quite thrilling for millennials as it attracts both fun and money at once. Despite the P2E sector being a novice, it is a billion-dollar industry with millions of players logging in each day.

P2E has not hit the mainstream when compared to the other form of games, but it could soon reach there. The P2E gaming sector just needs one popular game which is equivalent to the fame of GTA or COD to capture everyone’s attention. Simultaneously, every other P2E will try to replicate its success and open the doors for games with a good storyline.

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Play-2-Earn Gaming will Open the Door that Leads to Cryptocurrencies

The gaming sector is arguably among the handful of businesses that generates sustainable profits each year. The idea of providing monetary returns through games will open the door to newer gamers learning about P2E.

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Games, unlike any other form of entertainment, are addictive and since blockchain gaming needs a user to connect his/her wallet to start playing, the addiction slowly moves towards blockchain tech and cryptos.

It’s only a matter of time before a groundbreaking play-2-earn game emerges that gives the PC/PS5/Xbox games a run for their money, and when that day comes, the cryptocurrency market will experience another boom in the form of holders.