Presidential Candidate RFK Jr.: Weaponized USD Created BRICS

Joshua Ramos
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In a recent interview, with CNBC, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said that the weaponized US dollar is what led to the creation of the BRICS economic alliance. Specifically, RFK Kr. noted that the “weaponization of the US dollar and weaponization of our foreign policy,” created the BRICS alliance.

Last month saw the BRICS alliance enact a six-country expansion plan, introducing Saudi Arabia, Argentina, The United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran, Egypt, and Ethiopia. Subsequently, growing an economic bloc seeking to become an alternative to the Western-influenced G7. Subsequently, Kennedy noted the push for a multipolar world as a result of US action.

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RFK Jr. Places Blame for BRICS Creation on the US

The BRICS economic alliance has taken the geopolitical discourse by storm. Seeing tremendous growth throughout the year, the bloc officially welcomed six new countries to its collective. Now, as it seeks to counter the dominance of the West, a presidential candidate has laid the blame at the feet of the United States.

During an interview on CNBC’s Last Call, 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said that the weaponization of the US dollar is what created the BRICS bloc. Specifically, he noted weaponized foreign policy as the reason for BRICS development.

Source: Modern Diplomacy

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“Nobody wanted to start BRICS; nobody wanted an alternative to the US dollar. This happened because of our weaponization of the US dollar and our weaponization of our foreign policy,” RFK Jr. stated. “We need to de-escalate our violence around the world, which has driven the creation of BRICS.”

Thereafter, Kennedy stated that China “does not want a war with the United States when discussing US tensions with the country. Moreover, Kennedy remarked that China seeks to usurp the US on “an economic playing field.” However, he stated that China “cannot survive without” the United States.