Queensland Investment Corporation considering allocating assets to Crypto

Source: Risk.net

According to a recent report by the daily newspaper ‘The Financial Times’, Queensland Investment Corporation, which manages close to seventy billion USD worth of assets, is planning to make Cryptocurrency investments in the future.

Stuart Simmons is the company’s head of currencies. Simons stated that some of the reasons these funds hesitate include the risk of regulation and fraud surrounding the digital market. He added that the unclear views on Crypto from the government and watchdogs are also a significant factor.

“Right now there are a number of uncertainties, and the operational infrastructure for institutional investing remains immature,” Stuart said.

Simon feels that investors would feel much safer and more confident once the market gets more mature and these hindering factors are adequately solved. As a result, these investors would be more willing to invest their cash in Digital Assets. 

In conclusion, Stuart said, “As the framework continues to develop, super funds may eventually simply be responding to user demand by facilitating investment in cryptocurrency”.

About Queensland Investment Corporation 

Owned by the Queensland government, Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) was founded in 1991 (July 01). The company serves long-term investment responsibilities of the government of Queensland. 

Additionally, QIC also provides investment advice, fund management, private equity, infrastructure, real estate, and capital markets. Notably, QIC offers services all around the globe. 

Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) describes itself as a team focused on infrastructure projects in OECD countries. Additionally, the company exhibits predictable cash‐ flows, sustainable competitive advantages, and operating in well‐defined regulatory environments. 

The company also has a sector-centric approach and specialization across transport, utilities, and public-private partnerships. 

Queensland Investment Corporation has a global team of more than fifty-five pro workers across five offices. The company also gets cash from providing investment management services. 

The QIC company has done several infrastructural property investment projects. Some include; Powering Australian Renewables Fund, Brisbane airport, Sea Swift, Northwestern Roads Group, Pacific energy, and Epic Energy South Australia, just to mention a few. 

Queensland Investment Corporation is also among several companies that are warming up to the idea of allocating money to Crypto. An example of these other Companies is Micro strategy Inc. 

MicroStrategy Inc. is a company that gives mobile software, business intelligence, and cloud based services. Michael J. Saylor, Thomas Spahr and Sanju Bansal founded the company in 1989.

There are several reasons companies add Crypto to their balance sheet. Some of these reasons include;

  • Looking for Asymmetric risks returns
  • To Embrace modern and open technologies 
  • To complement operation strategies 

Importantly, Digital assets are attractive because of fast and cheap payments, financial inclusivity, improved resilience, and facilitation of cross-border transfers, among other benefits. 

What is a Digital Asset?

A digital asset is any product that comes in a digital style/format accompanied by usage rights. In simple terms, one can say it is also content stored digitally. Some of these contents include photos, videos, spreadsheets, audio files, and text files, just to mention a few.

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