RFK Jr. Drops Democratic Bid to Run for President as Independent

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Pro Bitcoin RFK Jr. Drops Out To Run as an Independent
Source: CNN

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) announced Monday that he is abandoning his Democratic presidential bid to instead run as an independent in 2024.

Speaking in Philadelphia, Kennedy said he could no longer remain in the party of his storied political family. He declared “independence from the tyranny of corruption” that he believes has infected everyone.

He stated, “But to do that, I must first declare my own independence, independence from the Democratic Party.”

Kennedy joins progressive scholar Cornel West as major third-party contenders. The longtime Democrat said leaving the party was painful. But he framed it as necessary to champion political reforms and take on corporate power over housing and other economic issues.

RFK Jr. has voiced pro-bitcoin stance

Kennedy has voiced strong pro-bitcoin stances, pledging to protect individual wallet ownership and limit taxes on mining. He previously blasted the proposed FedNow CBDC as hostile to crypto innovation.

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He also recently addressed the role of investment firms in contributing to the rise in housing costs. He pointed out that their influence has resulted in making homeownership less accessible for many young Americans.