RFK Jr. Questions Bitcoin Environmental Concerns

Joshua Ramos
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Source: Spectrum News

US Presidential candidate RFK Jr. has taken to Twitter to question the overwhelming environmental concerns surrounding Bitcoin. Moreover, the presidential hopeful’s stance becomes even more interesting considering Kennedy’s long-term stance as an environmentalist.

Kennedy stated his belief that Bitcoin is “not as bad for the environment after all.” Additionally, remarking that its impact on the environment should not be weaponized against the industry as a whole. Stating that the argument shouldn’t be used as a “smokescreen to curtail freedom to transact.”

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Kennedy Jr. Talks Bitcoin Environmental Argument

One of the longest-held criticisms of the digital asset industry has been its effect on the environment. Amidst a more climate-conscious society, the hurdles of these effects have attempted to be confronted and overcome by the industry as a whole. However, one US presidential hopeful is questioning those very criticisms.

Long-time environmentalist RFK Jr. has taken to Twitter to question Bitcoin’s environmental concerns. Specifically, he confronted how those very concerns are utilized in public discourse.

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Kennedy stated, “Interesting argument that Bitcoin is not so bad for the environment after all. At the very least, environmental argument should not be used as smokescreen to curtail freedom to transact.” Moreover, the post was in response to a tweet discussing Bitcoin mining and renewable energy.

A key aspect of RFK’s Presidential campaign has been his embrace of cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. Indeed, he has already stated that the US dollar would be backed by Bitcoin if he were to be elected. Following the revelation that he owns up to $250,000 in Bitcoin.

Kennedy stated that his Bitcoin investment began this year when speaking at a Bitcoin conference in Miami. “Right after the Bitcoin conference, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and bought two bitcoin for each of my seven children,” he stated.