Ripple (XRP): How High Can XRP Surge This Week?

Sahana Kiran
XRP ripple
Source – Watcher Guru

Earlier this week, Ripple’s XRP saw a modest uptick of 1.53%, rebounding from a minor decline the previous day to close the session at $0.5510. As of the latest update, XRP is currently trading at $0.5531, reflecting a daily increase of 2.52%. Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency, surged to a session peak of $57,000 before retracting slightly below $54,500. At present, BTC is valued at $56,216.29, following a noteworthy 10% daily upswing. This surge in Bitcoin’s value has generated optimism throughout the wider cryptocurrency market.

Noteworthy XRP Transaction

In a significant development, blockchain tracker Whale Alert disclosed a substantial transfer of 27 million XRP, worth $14.87 million, to Bitstamp, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Luxembourg. This transfer, originating from a wallet identified as ‘…Rzn’, has drawn attention due to similar transactions observed previously. Interestingly, these transactions coincide with Ripple’s strategic acquisition of a stake in Bitstamp, hinting at a potential correlation between the two events.


Despite the influx of XRP into the market through transfers to Bitstamp and other platforms, the asset’s price has not experienced a notable downturn. On the contrary, the altcoin witnessed a significant price surge on the day of the transaction. This divergence between the increased supply and the resilience in price has sparked speculation among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

However, Ripple, the entity behind the altcoin, is currently contending with legal issues in the Northern District of California. This recent setback compounds the ongoing legal disputes concerning the classification of XRP as a security, further clouding the cryptocurrency’s outlook.

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Optimistic Prospects for XRP

Despite the regulatory uncertainties and legal hurdles, XRP is anticipated to finish February on a positive note. Analysts at Changelly project double-digit surges for the altcoin throughout the week, with a forecasted high of $0.731844. This projection signifies a substantial 33% increase from its current levels, signaling potential bullish momentum for XRP investors.


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As Ripple’s XRP navigates regulatory obstacles and market fluctuations, investors maintain a cautious yet optimistic stance regarding its future trajectory. With Bitcoin’s rally bolstering overall market sentiment and optimistic price predictions for XRP, the upcoming days could prove pivotal for the cryptocurrency’s performance. Nevertheless, amidst the inherent volatility and uncertainties, prudent risk management remains essential for investors navigating the cryptocurrency landscape.