Ripple (XRP) & SEC to Meet Today as They Consider Settlement

Joshua Ramos
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Looking to end their three-year-long court conflict, both Ripple (XRP) and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are set to meet today. Indeed, the meeting will see both sides follow court orders and discuss the terms of a potential settlement.

The court conflict originally began over the security status of Ripple’s XRP token. Subsequently, a judge ruled against the SEC in a monumental victory for Ripple. Yet, their ongoing conflict remains with many expecting a settlement to arrive in the future.

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Ripple and SEC Discussing Settlement Terms

The digital asset industry has long observed the ongoing court dilemma between Ripple and the SEC. The conflict has encapsulated the industry, with the eventual resolution destined to have long-standing impacts on the market. However, today could mark a very important step in the march toward that resolution.

Indeed, both Ripple (XRP) and the SEC are set to meet today with discussions of a possible settlement to take place. Specifically, these discussions arrive as part of the Sunshine Act Meetings. Both sides will take part in the closed-door dialogue on November 30th to address a plethora of issues

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The meeting will see topics like the settlement of administrative proceedings, injunctive actions, litigation-related matters, and resolution of litigation claims. Subsequently, there will also be a discussion of enforcement proceedings taking place. Altogether, the joint conversation set to take place today is undoubtedly the first step toward that long-awaited settlement.

Talk of a potential settlement has been abounding for a month now. Additionally, reports suggest that the SEC had demanded $770 million in fines against the crypto firm. Subsequently, Ripple rejected such a settlement, with discussions likely to become more serious today.