Roaring Kitty Filing Discloses 6.6% Ownership Stake In Chewy

Joshua Ramos

Well-known for his GameStop trading escapades, Keith Gill, better known by his internet persona of Roaring Kitty, has disclosed a 6.6% ownership of Chewy (CHWY). Gill has submitted a 13G filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), revealing his connection to the company.

The filing was made on June 28th and reports Gill as an individual investor with more than 9,000,000 shares in the pet company’s Class A common stock. Additionally, the SEC filing does share that Gill is not a cat, as he has checked the appropriate box designating such to the agency.

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GameStop Trader Roaring Kitty Targets Chewy

This week, it was revealed that Keith Gill was facing a class action lawsuit. Specifically, Gill was sued for allegedly manipulating the price of GameStop (GME) for personal gain. As that case continues to shape up, it appears the prominent trader is targeting a different company.

A new filing reveals that Roaring Kitty has a 6/6% ownership stake in Chewy. Indeed, the online pet product retailer has become the focus of the meme stock icon. The filing is a necessity for any investors that owns over 5% of a company’s share, but don’t intend to exert any control.

Source: Chewy

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Gill had disappeared from the public view for three years. After inciting a GameStop stock rally that was the basis for a Hollywood film, he took a step back before resurfacing in May. The Chewy stocks appears to be Gill’s first attempt to branch away from the video game retailer.

According to reports, the Chewy stock rallied as much as 34% after the filing was made public. Yet again, Gill’s influence is undeniable. Subsequently, his ownership in Chewy is valued at $245 million. The company’s value was up 20% after the closing bell.