Rug Radio NFT: Here’s How to Claim your RUG Tokens

Vinod Dsouza
Rug Radio NFT Token
Source: Pixabay

Rug Radio NFT is all set to launch RUG Tokens and Genesis NFT holders can claim bonus RUG tokens. The tokens will be directly deposited to a users’ wallet after completing the necessary steps. RUG token is not launched yet and would hit the indices shortly in the coming weeks.

To claim your RUG tokens, follow the simple yet necessary steps below.

Click here to open the official website of RUG to claim your tokens. If you own a Rug Radio Genesis NFT, click on the batch and then ‘Connect Wallet’. Once the process is completed, two options pop up suggesting to connect your crypto wallet. The two options are MetaMask and Wallet Connect. Click on the wallet you wish to connect to and follow the steps.

Once you finish connecting your wallet, click on ‘continue’. After the process is completed, a list of Genesis NFTs you own shows up on the screen. Select the NFTs to claim your RUG tokens and the system automatically calculates the number of tokens you can receive. The number of tokens allotted specifically for you will then be displayed on the screen.

Now it’s time to claim your RUG tokens. Click on the ‘Claim All’ tab and after the relevant gas fee, your RUG tokens will instantly be deposited into your wallet. Your claim will be reflected on the screen for confirmation and will be successfully deposited in your wallet address.

However, please note that if you have more than 20 Genesis NFTs, the ability to batch mint more than 20 is coming soon. At present only less than 20 Genesis NFTs can be claimed for RUG tokens. Rug Radio NFTs founder Farokh confirmed that batch minting will be out soon and stated that ”the tech team is on it!”

What Is Rug Radio?

Rug Radio is a Twitter space show as well as an NFT and is founded by Farokh. The main aim of RUG is to build a fully decentralized Web3 media company. The media platform would revolve around the concept of ‘for the people and by the people.

Their website claims that users will own the platform that they participate in. In other words, ownership means users get to decide what content they consume and also create it with their accordance.

”Our community, our hosts, and you own the platform you participate in. Why is it important? Because we need to own the memes, the conversations, and the narrative. Ownership means we each get to decide what we consume, how it’s delivered, and we all benefit from the abundance we create through it.” states their website.